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Expanding Upon Misty’s Native Capabilities

To successfully bring your code off the screen and into a 3D space, Misty must be able to communicate with her environment in many ways. While Misty is already packed with sophisticated technology — including 25 sensors — your use cases may call for additional sensors. Today, we’re covering several ways you can add to Misty’s native capabilities by using

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Bringing Dense 3D Mapping to Misty

As we continue to deliver robots to backers and people begin building skills for Misty, it’s important to us that you remain informed about the state of the art (technology) and the state of the product (Misty II).  One of the capabilities we are working towards for Misty II, is the ability to autonomously move about an environment, avoiding obstacles

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Ian and Misty Blog Post Sept

Building a Misty Alarm Clock Skill with Ian Bernstein

A couple of weeks back, Ian Bernstein, Misty’s founder, shared his unboxing video of Misty II. She was hot off the production line in China. Since then, we’ve delivered dozens of Misty II’s to backers around the country (and there are many more on the way)! An early thought for anyone expecting their first robot is what skill to build

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Misty, Say…

The Misty Photo Booth Skill illustrates how text messaging is a pretty sociable way to ask a robot to do something. Today, we’re breaking down another useful skill Misty can do to help you: the Misty Text to Speech Skill. Following our skill set-up instructions, we share examples of other skills and use cases that this one may complement. Misty

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We’re Shipping to Backers!

I remember sitting outside of Golden Road Brewing a short distance from Disney’s Creative Campus in Glendale, CA. I was sitting with my Sphero co-Founder, Adam Wilson, and it was the summer of 2014. A few weeks earlier we had learned about BB-8 from Bob Iger, built a working prototype, and our team was already brainstorming how we could bring the

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The Misty II Robot Begins Shipping to Crowdfunding Backers

Misty Robotics Gives Developers First-Ever Access to the Promise of Personal Robots September 4, 2019 – Boulder, CO – Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty robot developer platform, today announced that they have started shipping Misty II robots to its crowdfunding backers. Misty has been purpose-built as a developer’s platform, with the tools and docs developers need to easily

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