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Mistys Arms Pull Double Duty Feature Image Blog Post

Misty’s Arms Pull Double-Duty

Misty II has arms! Believe it or not, this wasn’t a given. A lot of thought and discussion went into whether we would give her arms at all. Once we decided we should, even more thought went into what type of arms they should be. Designing a robot for developers first Throughout our decision-making process, we kept the following in

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What Goes Into Delivering a Drink Feature Image Blog Post

What Goes Into Delivering a Drink?

The list of assignments you can give Misty is long and varied, and delivering drinks is on it. While there are several different ways you could combine Misty’s capabilities for this job, this post focuses on an approach that uses Misty’s audio localization capabilities to search for someone specific and deliver their drink of choice. When this skill runs, Misty

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Realize Your Robot Dreams with Misty and Microsoft Azure Feature Image Blog Post

Realize Your Robot Dreams with Misty + Microsoft Azure

We’ve built the Misty II as a platform upon which developers can realize their dreams of robots performing useful tasks in their homes and offices. Misty II has it all, from high-quality sensors and robust locomotion to the ability to easily connect to and consume 3rd-party services and APIs. And with Microsoft Azure, it’s easier than ever to bring in

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Misty Robotics Selects Microsoft’s .NET Core for Its Robot Platform and Tools

Misty Enables Developers to Realize the Opportunity of Personal Robots for Business and Home Microsoft Build Conference – Seattle, WA – May 6, 2019 – Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty robot developer platform, announced today its selection of Microsoft’s .NET Core for use with both its robot platform and related tools. Misty is focused on enabling developers to

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Programming Mistys Personality Feature Image Blog Post

Programming Misty’s Personality

When we talk to developers, one of the top points of appeal around building for Misty is the fact she is a platform with personality. The majority of platforms we are all familiar with — tablets, phones, AR/VR, etc. — don’t have this creative element, so it’s no wonder the construct piques the imagination. CP, our Prototype Engineer, agrees with

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Alexa , Welcome  to the Real World of Personal Assistants

MIT Technology Review recently published an article, based on a presentation by Rohit Prasad at MIT Technology Review’s AI conference. Prasad is the head scientist of the Alexa artificial-intelligence group at Amazon. The title of the article is “Alexa needs a robot body to escape the confines of today’s AI”. The subhead was equally eye-catching, “The man behind Amazon’s voice

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