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International Nodebots Day 2019

Saturday, July 27th was International Nodebots Day, a day to celebrate programming robots with JavaScript (for more info about Nodebots, check out http://www.nodebots.io). Because Misty’s first language is JavaScript, we thought it’d be an ideal day for us to host a four-hour workshop at Galvanize, one of our favorite developer education centers in Boulder. Celebrating Misty’s first language We chose JavaScript

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Misty Hazards Feature Photo

Misty on the Move (Part 2)

Last week, we covered how Misty is able to move and this week, we’re covering how she’s able to stop moving. More specifically, how she stops moving in order to keep from running into things or plunging off of them. We’ve got Misty Robotics’ Senior Software Engineer Adam Citarella and Firmware Engineer Steven Kibler on deck to answer all of

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Misty Ball and Pup

Misty on the Move (Part 1)

An autonomous robot can perceive its environment, make decisions based on what it perceives and/or has been programmed to recognize and then actuate a movement within that environment. Enabling autonomous movement for Misty was a given based on our belief that many of the most useful personal robot skills would be those in which she is able to move. This

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stereo cameras pic x

Expanding Misty’s World with Cameras

To celebrate National Camera Day, we spotlighted the four cameras Misty has packed away neatly in her visor. These cameras work simultaneously to make it possible for her to explore and interact with her environment, returning important data you can use to build skills.  While we touched briefly on cameras in our last post, today we’re taking a deeper dive

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Screen Shot at PM x

Misty’s Sensors at a Glance

Misty’s sensors are her toolkit for understanding the world. From pitch velocity to object distance, the data these sensors provide is where the rubber hits the road in coding Misty’s skills. Understanding a bit about how these sensors work (and how to use this data in your code) is a key part of programming our robot friend. This post aims

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distillery kyle and business owner x

On the Job: Misty at the Distillery

We think the magic of developing for Misty is in combining her capabilities to solve problems in the physical space. To show this in action, we filmed an example of how we might code Misty to help out the owner of a local distillery. This business owner needed a way to monitor the temperature of his equipment when he couldn’t

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