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Misty II is an open robotics platform that comes loaded with a treasure trove of programming tools like Blockly, Python, and C#, HTTP API endpoints, as well as advanced sensors, perfect for exploring computer science and engineering constructs while delving into Misty's unique personality and mastering her impressive motor skills, even in the most challenging environments. 

Meet Misty, the world’s most lovable robot

Misty II

Explore Misty's Unique Personality

Misty expresses her light-hearted and warm personality through her fully customazible eyes, voice, and movements that all allow you to create engaging characters and fun social interactions.

Learning Scalability 

Misty empowers students, educators, researchers and developers of all ages to create transformative robot interactions and experiences. With a multitude of programming tools such as Blockly, Python, C#, and beyond, Misty provides learning scalability.


Misty is packed with a ton of functionality, all of which is exposed through HTTP APIs and web socket messages. These ubiquitous comm-unication mechanisms can be leveraged by many programming languages, giving you the freedom to work with the languages or tools you prefer, all running from your computer.

Speech Recognition

Misty comes with an onboard speech recognition system that allows you to explore Natural Language Processing concepts, you can easily connect external speech recognition models from services such as Microsoft Azure with Misty's open API capabilities.

Audio Localization

With advanced omnidirectional microphone arrays Misty can perceive and respond to auditory cues effectively, allowing her to respond to multiple individual, navigate to a particular location or find someone in a room.

Face recognition and Visual data capture

Train Misty to recognize distinict individuals and get access to visual data with Misty's still image capture and video recordings.

Advanced Sensors

Equipped with a sophisticated array of advanced capacitive-touch and obstacle detection sensors, Misty interacts intelligently with her environment, allowing you to perform a wide range of assigned tasks.


Hardware Extensibility

Supercharge your Misty by creating your very own custom add-ons and hardware which you can easily attach to Misty's arm rotors and control with her Arduino backpack.

Technical Specifications

Interested in knowing more about Misty's tech and specs?  Here you can find height, weight, numbers and more. Explore the technical specifications of Misty.

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