Meet Misty, the world’s most lovable robot

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Built with the best technology available, Misty is your companion to explore the world of social robots

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Advanced robot features in a neat package

Use Misty’s eyes, sounds, and movements to create engaging characters and interactions

Misty sees a world of possibilities through her advanced visual processing tools

Misty is always looking forward to her next conversation

Misty’s ability to move brings your interactions to life

Misty’s physical extensibility is designed to grow with you

Height, weight, numbers and more. Explore the technical specifications of Misty


Quick, easy and fun to get started!

No robotics experience? No problem! Misty has you covered

With Misty’s visual programming tool, building robot interactions is easy

Ready to go beyond visual programming? With Misty’s strong support in Python and her C# SDK, you can take interactions to the next level

from mistyPy.Robot import Robot
from misty_ide_comm.ide_comm import IdeComm
import time
import requests
comm = IdeComm()
def main():
    misty = Robot()
    # request some funny
    response = requests.get('https://some-joke-api/api?format=text')
    if response.status_code != 200:
        print("Error from API " + response.status_code)
        print("Successfully requested high quality humor.")
        # log the joke
        # let the user know
        misty.move_arms(60, 60)
    misty.move_arms(20, 20)
if __name__ == '__main__':

public async Task<bool> Start(IDictionary<string, object> parameters)
        await _isRunningFlowSlim.WaitAsync();
        if (_isRunningFlow)
            return false;
        _isRunningFlow = true;
        await _misty.UpdateDialogSettingsAsync(new UpdateDialogSettingsParameters
            SilenceTimeoutMs = 10000,
            MaxSpeechLengthMs = 20000
        await _misty.EnableCameraServiceAsync();
        await _misty.EnableAvStreamingServiceAsync();
        await _misty.EnableAudioServiceAsync();
        await _misty.SetTallyLightSettingsAsync(true, false, false);
        int flow = 2;
        switch (flow)
            case 1:
                _oobeFlow = new FlowOne(_misty, _startupParameters);
            case 2:
                _oobeFlow = new FlowTwo(_misty, _startupParameters);
                _oobeFlow = new FlowTwo(_misty, _startupParameters);
        await _oobeFlow.Start(parameters);
        return true;
    catch (Exception ex)
        _misty.SkillLogger.LogError("Exception while to starting OOBE.", ex);
        _isRunningFlow = false;
        return false;

Misty takes care of all the robotic tasks, so that you can focus on the creative, fun elements of making robot interactions

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