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Elderly care with Misty

Home-Based Robot Assisted Elderly Care  

 With an increased rise in home-based elderly care and a lack of access to professional nurser, robot assisted care has the potential to combat loneliness by providing companionship and daily social interactions, while also assisting with day to day tasks such as scheduling activities and giving reminders to eat or take medicine. 


Misty's Journey in Elderly Care


The Guardian system, a part of the AAL Programme Official supported by the European Commission, is an extraordinary European research project that aims to support independent living among seniors and explore the benefits of remote home-based elderly care giving with Misty.


Usign Misty Somcare provides the elderly community with a socially assistive robot that supports individuals with day to day activities, medication reminders and cognitive exercises as well as access to general information.


Research Publications

Discover the exciting research projects from the Misty Community.

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