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STEM Education with Misty

Watch students’ excitement about robots turn into a passion for programming and learning about technologies that are transforming our world.

Misty in Robotics Makerspaces

Misty is desinged to grow with you, whether you are a beginner exploring the basics of coding and robotics, or an experienced student delving into advanced robotics applications, Misty can join you on your journey at any skill level.

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Fostering a Love for Science and Robotics

With her charming personality and interactive features, Misty can captivate the imagination of young minds by introducing them to the world of robotics in a way that's fun, engaging, and educational. Through playful interactions, Misty not only entertains but also nurtures a love for science and technology, inspiring the innovators of tomorrow.

Learning Computer Science

Misty demystifies the world of computer science, allowing you to break down complex concepts into digestible lessons.  Turn your classroom into a laboratory of boundless creativity, where young minds are empowered to dream, create, and innovate.

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Robotics and Engineering

Engange in hands-on activities and learn how to build your very own add-ons and hardware for Misty and push the boundaries of robotics, exploring intricate interactions, and solving real-world problems. Her physical extensibility is designed to grow with you.

Misty's Journey in Education


Junior and senior students combine psychology and technology to explore the outcomes and implications of using social robots to aid children's learning and social development.


Student project exploring innovative ways to increase our understanding of how robots like Misty, paired with Generative AI and LLMs, can improve children's education and computational thinking.

Durango School District 9-R welcomes a fresh face to its instructional team with Misty playing a pivotal role in various aspects, ranging from guiding students through interview question practice, fostering an understanding of facial expressions, imparting diverse coding skills, to even managing hall patrol duties.

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The Library conducts robotics classes for the local community with Misty, providing Python coding tutorials for absolute beginners to explore computer coding and develop computational thinking in a fun and interactive way.

Misty II Classroom Bundle

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Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Having several Mistys in your classroom can enhance your students learning experience by providing hands-on group activities to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. Contact our humans to find out more.

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