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Getting Started with Misty II

This introduction provides some quick, out-of-box setup steps and helpful details about using Misty II.


Step 1. Power on your Misty


Start by taking Misty out of her box and flip the switch at the bottom to power her on. Set her on the floor or on a desk and wait for her to wake up and greet you. She will guide you through the process of connecting her to your device.

Step 2. Download the Misty App


The Misty App

Download the Misty App on Iphone iOS to connect to Misty Studio.


Step 3. Enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet

Misty Bluetooth.png

You can connect to Misty via Bluetooth by standing close to her with the Misty App open on your device. When the Bluetooth broadcast succeeds, the app displays a list of Misty robots that your app can connect to. Select your Misty from the list. 

Note: If you are in a room with more than one Misty, you may need to locate your Misty's serial number by checking the label on the bottom of your robot.

Step 4. Connect to Wi-Fi

Misty Wifi.png

When Misty connects to your device, the Misty App displays a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select your network from the list, and follow the prompt to enter your password. Once the Wi-Fi connection succeeds, you should see the Misty App Home screen. 

Step 5. Access Misty Studio


Confirm that the Wi-Fi status is Connected and that a valid IP address for Misty appears onscreen. Type in the IP into your web browser to access Misty Studio,  where you can control and send commands to Misty without writing any code. We suggest writing down this IP address as you will also need it to access Misty with other programs.

Step 6. Start Exploring your Misty!

Misty Studio.png

Misty Studio is packed with amazing features, and you could read through all of the docs to see how to use it, or you could just give it a try. Misty comes with an interactive tutorial that will teach you all about Misty Studio and Blockly programming. It's way better than reading documentation!

Learn more about programming Misty 

Misty Docs

 Access the latest documentation for Misty to guide your every step.


Coming on January 9th 2024

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