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Special Education with Misty

Watch as Misty brings excitement to social interactions and learning in special education classrooms.

Robot Assisted Learning in Special Education

 Special education with Misty holds significant promise and potential as an innovative and impactful approach to improve learning, communication and social development for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by providing a consistent and structured environment that is less overwhelming than day to day human interaction.

“One student who was non-verbal before interacting with Misty has since said his first complete sentence"

Krystyna Farquhar, SPED Teacher, Longmont Estates Elementary, United States.

Misty's Journey in Special Education


The ROSA project, led by the Norwegian Computing Center, is developing a robot-based toolbox with Misty called Robot Supported education for children with ASD, which is intented to make it easier for teachers to work with their robots and engage students.


At Durango Schools Misty helps students with everything from practicing interview questions, learning how to read facial expressions and acquiring basic coding skills.

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At St. Vrain Valley Schools Misty acts as a socially-assistive robot that helps teachers engage special needs kids and find ways to improve their communication skills and appropriate socialization.

Movia Robotics is working with Misty to deliver life skills, daily living, learning readiness, and academic content to children and adults with ASD.


Misty II Classroom Bundle

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Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Having several Mistys in your classroom can enhance your students learning experience by providing hands-on group activities to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. Contact our humans to find out more.

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