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Customize your research project with Misty

Whether you are just starting to study robots or designing a research project, Misty offers an exciting journey across various domains of robotics. 

Leveraging Emotional Expressiveness

Misty's ability to express emotions through her facial expressions, gestures, and vocalizations can be a game-changer for your research. As you work with Misty, you'll find that she brings a layer of relatability and empathy to human-robot interactions.

Physical Interactivity

Human touch is a fundamental aspect of any social interaction. From gentle pats on the head to a tickle on the chin, Misty can provide a diverse range of tactile experiences with her capacitive touch sensors and help you expand the social dimensions of your project.

Computer Vision

Misty's advanced computer vision capabilities provide an invaluable lens for research and can help you analyze user's actions, including non-verbal cues and basic facial expressions. As an  observational tool, Misty offers both RTP-based audio and video streaming, and frame shipping, letting you see exactly what she sees.

Natural Language 

Misty can speak and understand over 40 differrent languages and with her Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech capabilities you can analyze the conversations she engages in and gain insights into communication patterns, sentiment analysis, and much more.

Misty II for Research

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Your Mistys are packed and ready to join your research project. Contact our humans to start your journey into the world of Misty.

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Social Robotics Industry Report 2023

Curious to know more about social robotics? In this special report we highlight the latest developments in the industry, covering everything from market growth to trends in research and the impact of generative AI on the future of social robotics.

Misty's Journey in Robotics Research


SLIM Research Lab draws inspirations from linquistics and cognitive science theories to develop practical dialogue systems and computational models with digital personal assistants and conversational robots to evaluate real life applications.


Researchers use Misty as an autonomous reading companion for children in the natural and familiar setting of their homes, revealing novel design insights and opportunities for HRI.

Low-Res_Misty robot 3.jpeg.png

Researchers explore the use of social robots as well-being coaches, unravelling insights into how humans perceive robots in accordance with their expectations and the robot form-factor.


Students from the The University of Tokyo and Keio University research innovative solutions for improving HRI and get a peek into TCS' innovative Human-Robot Interactive Ecosystem.


Research Publications

Discover the exciting research projects from the Misty Community.

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