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Misty is the personal robot you’ve been waiting for. Born from Sphero, she’s professional grade, hardware-extensible, and purpose built as a development platform. Never coded for a robot before? That’s fine. From web and app devs to students, Misty is easy to make powerful. Reserve your Misty for 50% off
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Mapping & Navigation

Autonomously or manually map and navigate Misty II

Easily Programmed

Program a meaningful task in less than 30 minutes

Highly Expandable

Replaceable arms, hitch, backpack or headpiece

Face Detection

Identify when people are in the area

Face Recognition

Train Misty II to recognize specific people


No worry charging as the robot charges itself

Remote Viewing

Stream video from the 4K camera over WiFi

Personality Engine

Imbue Misty II with uniqueness


Translate inbound messages to spoken language

Far-Field Mic Array

High fidelity sound input for processing voices, etc

Backpack Accessory

USB and Serial for data, power or even Arduino


Tread-based driving at a leisurely human pace

Backer Levels

Misty II Founder Edition Personal Robot

An advanced personal robot with professional-grade sensors that can be programmed with the languages you already know—or even with a visual block interface. Each Founder Edition robot will include an Arduino Backpack accessory, be signed by the Misty Team (inside) and will include access to Misty’s community Slack channel. View details

Shipping Dec 4, 2018

53% OFF

Misty II Personal Robot

An advanced personal robot with professional-grade sensors that can be programmed with the languages you already know—or even with a visual block programming interface. View details

Shipping Dec 4, 2018

50% OFF
While Supplies Last

Misty II & Sphero SPRK+ Buddy Bundle

Misty is now available with a buddy, bundled together for the first time. Code and learn with two great robots. Get the Misty II personal robot with the Sphero SPRK+ and discover fun and interesting ways they can integrate with each other. One robot for the kid and one for the kid at heart. View details

Shipping Jul 2018 (SPRK+); Dec 4, 2018 (Misty II)

49% OFF
While Supplies Last

Get Started Now Bundle

We know waiting for the personal robot revolution is hard. For those who would rather jump in with both feet right now, we’re offering the opportunity to receive the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot immediately following the campaign. Then, when Misty II is ready, we’ll exchange your Misty I for the Misty II and pay the shipping costs. View details

Shipping Jun 1, 2018 (Misty I); Dec 4, 2018 (Misty II)



Arduino Backpack - Add-On

Yes! Misty II can wear backpacks and they aren’t just for fashion. Extend Misty’s capabilities with an Arduino kit that connects via a special port on Misty’s back. Now anything you can do with Arduino, Misty can do too!  View details

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You will not be charged until June 1st. 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee with $100 restocking fee.
All sales are subject to this Terms of Sales Agreement.

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We have bigger plans than a succsessful crowdfunding campaign. As more and more people support the cause, we’ll be able to do even more cool things. Here are a few we are planning. Let’s unlock these!

Misty II Matte Black Edition

Unlocking this stretch goal will enable anyone who reserves a Misty II to choose Matte Black as an option prior to shipping. 

Even if you have already backed a white Misty II, you’ll get the option to select Matte Black. Help us get there by using your referral links and sharing with friends, family, and colleagues. Remember, you get $100 for each referral and they get $100 off a Misty II.  View a larger photo of the matte black edition

Shipping Dec 4, 2018

Unlocks at 400 Backers

Misty II Decals

Make your Misty the envy of all the other Misty’s on the block with a set of custom printed decals. Unlocking this goal allows each backer at any level to choose from among a few different style options to add to their order for free. Details coming soon.

Shipping Dec 4, 2018

Unlocks at 600 Backers

Program Misty in Your Favorite Language

Misty already knows how to interpret JavaScript but we know there are many other programming languages out there? If we unlock this goal you can vote on which we should add next.

Shipping 2018

Unlocks at 1,000 Backers

About the Campaign

30 Days, 250 Backers, 1000’s of New Skills for Misty Robots

Misty Robotics is launching a one-time-only crowdfunding campaign offering a chance to obtain the Misty II robot at a 50% discount off MSRP for the price of $1599. Offer is only available for a limited time.

Misty II is built for programmers, students, and entrepreneurs interested in robots but have never been able to “program a robot” because they were either too expensive, required a degree in programming, or lacked useful skills for everyday tasks. Misty II delivers a powerful robot that customers can quickly program and create skills that make her helpful at home and the office.

Watch the video, check the specs, or even ask us a question.

You can also find out more about what it means to develop with Misty Or read about our story.


Misty II

What happens if you sell out of Misty II robots; why only 1,500?
We’ve estimated the number of Misty II’s we believe we can manufacture and deliver within our estimated shipping timeframes, and this is factored into our backer levels.
Where is Misty II made?
Misty II is made at our manufacturing partner’s facility in China.
How did you determine this price?

The MSRP of $3200 is based on the cost and value of the advanced features and capabilities of the robot. This is discounted by 50% for the crowdfunding offering to $1,599.

Who is a customer for Misty II?
Misty II is built for software developers (corporate and entrepreneur), STEM students, makers and passionate programmers interested in robots but have never been able to “program a robot” because they were either too expensive, required a degree in robotics, or lacked useful skills for everyday tasks.
Will Misty II be for average consumers?
Not yet. Misty II currently is a robot for developers and makers. Our strategy is different than other companies in the market. We are building a robot for developers whom we hope will create hundreds of skills for Misty. The first phase in our 10 year vision is to target those developers, inventors, programmers, makers that want to build skills and accessories for Misty for the home and office. We do not want Misty to be limited to only those capabilities and  functions that we can dream up. This needs to be an effort that is larger than Misty Robotics.
Can I add my own hardware onto Misty?
Yes. Misty can be expanded with hardware accessories that are serial or USB enabled (backpack), attached to the head (headpiece), non-powered attachments to the arm motors (arms), and non-powered items carried behind (via “trailer hitch”) to make her more useful for daily tasks.
Why did you create a video?
We wanted to tell Misty’s story to inspire developers with Misty’s countless possibilities.
How is Misty II different than other robots on the market?
We believe we’ve built the best robot exclusively built for millions of every-day programmers. Many consumer robots are positioned as “home” robots and marketing to mainstream consumers with limited or no developer focus. We are taking a long term approach that starts with developers to create skills for Misty robots that we may not think of or cannot build quickly as a small team -- so that thousands of skills get created before “consumer robots” can do a few. By creating and fostering a strong developer community we expect to be able to develop Misty more quickly and cost effectively as well as offer a much broader scope of functions than competitive products.
How is Misty II different from Misty I?
Misty I and Misty II are both designed for developers and share a great deal of electronics, motors, and capabilities. With the Misty II we are adding bump sensors, personality, USB expansion port, self-charging, detachable arms, detachable headpiece, skill sharing, a longer battery life, and decorative wraps.
What is the motor’s warranty period?
Motor life is dependent on use.  Running motors at a steady speed in one direction under minimal load is the best use case.  Continuously reversing motors under load in short cycle applications is the worst. Normal robot use requires both.  We warrant our motors for a year of normal use*. *Normal use is defined as 5 to 30 minutes of daily use in normal function during the course of a year of operation.  
If I purchase the Get Started Now bundle for $2,499, can I keep my Misty I?
No. And...yes. If you really want the Misty I, you can pay an additional $500. Because the components of the Misty I and Misty II are exceedingly expensive, the only way we can afford to offer the bundle for $2,499 is if we’re able to receive the Misty I back and recycle key components. Be aware though, that we will not provide software updates for the Misty I after we’ve shipped all of the Misty II's that are part of the Getting Started bundle.
Why did you put in capacitive touch sensors in the robot’s head? Are those sensor inputs available to developers?
We put capacitive touch sensors in so that people can build a deeper relationship with the robot. By enabling the robot to respond to human touch, the robot can respond positively (like a dog would to petting) or if the robot is removed from their environment without the owner’s consent, it could sound the alarm (very loudly!). Yes, they are available to developers.
What’s the recommended way to carry the robot?
Misty II comes with a convenient recessed carrying opening in the back of her head. Simply reach down, put four fingers (your thumb if you want to) in the opening and lift.
How does the robot build its map?
The customer places the robot into “explore” mode during the out-of-box experience (or whenever the customer desires the robot to build a new map - like when it gets taken to a friend’s office or home). Explore mode causes the robot to systematically, carefully and slowly assess its environment in order to build the most robust understanding of its environment possible.
What is the maximum area the robot can map?
We don’t really know yet, but we do know it’ll be at least an average American home (one level).
Can I view the robot’s world remotely through the 4K camera?
Yes. The Misty Companion App enables you to see what the robot sees through its 4K camera.
Will you publish the CAD files for the arms, ear piece, backpack and trailer hitch? When?
Yes. We intend to publish the CAD files on or before our first customer ship date.
Do the lasers in the Occipital sensor pose any dangers?
Yes, they can. If a customer tampers with the case and smears body oils on to the laser, the laser’s diffusion can be altered and the spectrum can change. Different diffusion and spectrum can damage the optic nerve. So… be careful to never disassemble the actual Structure Core Sensor assembly -- have only the professionals manage that piece of maintenance if its ever required.
Why did you choose 2 cell-phone processors instead of one more powerful processor?
The objective was to maintain a separation of concerns. If you lump everything into a single processing unit, you have a single point of failure and a single system by which resources could be utilized. This gives us flexibility. The 410/Windows IoT Core doesn't do the real-time system work, that is handled by the RT Controller. The 410 provides system orchestration, cognitive processing, and extensibility. The 820 provides heavy stream data processing for cameras and microphones.
Why do you have a separate real-time controller board and a motor controller board?
Because motors require much more deft management of current in order to maximize shelf-life and battery consumption while sensors require millisecond and, in many cases, sub millisecond responsiveness. Each works differently to provide data and control to the Qualcomm 410.
How does the robot avoid obstacles within its environment that are new - like a child, a dog, or a chair that’s been moved?
That’s one of the powers of the Occipital Structure Core Sensor - it can and does build a sophisticated 3D map of the environment all the time. We can constantly detect whether the environment has changed and how it has changed so we can detect that a kitchen chair has been moved slightly. The time of flight sensors are used in real-time to avoid sudden appearance of obstacles and the powerful processors are able to calculate new paths to avoid the obstacle.
What types of obstacles will the robot be able to drive over?
We designed Misty II to negotiate common transitions in floor heights (excluding stairs) so specified a 20mm threshold of climbing. For example, a typical door threshold or carpet-hardwood transition is about 19 mm. tall. Extension cables, power cables, standing mats, floor/bath/welcome mats, socks, small toys are all obstacles we had in mind while setting this spec and testing.
Why did you choose tracks instead of a ball or wheels or legs?
Offices and homes have harsh flooring environments. There are transitions between hard and carpet surfaces. There are socks, extension cords, standing pads and other items that can (and usually are) easily walked across. We didn’t want our robot to either a) get stuck, b) have to navigate around every small item or c) require human intervention to navigate. We want it to work in most common office and home environments (recognizing there will always be edge cases).
How easy to disassemble is the robot? Why did you make it this way?
Very. We’ve designed the Misty II with disassembly, reassembly specifically in mind. We’ve chosen threaded screws at specific locations so that batteries can be easily replaced or upgraded. We’ve made the head accessible so that additional sensors could be placed inside the head cavity. And, we’ve made PCBs accessible for ease of maintenance (whether DIY or sent to Misty).
Why did you choose a non bipedal, non humanoid form factor?
Our vision is to put a robot in every office and home. To achieve that vision we believe robots must have four primary characteristics -- be useful, familiar, capable of building relationships and multi-purpose. We believe humanoid robots are too prone to the Uncanny Valley and, therefore, won’t achieve a level of familiarity and ability to develop a form of relationship required for mass use. We’re strong believers that robots will form different relationships with humans than humans do with each other -- more along the lines of the relationship between a pet and its owner.
What can I do with a robot that doesn’t have the ability to manipulate things?
Practically any human task that only requires the ability to independently move, see things, hear things, and speak.
Why aren’t there grasping appendages?
Grasping is very expensive and highly problematic for random, general-purpose environments. Current grasping solutions are highly customized to specific tasks and are industrially priced. For grasping to be effective at a consumer price point, costs for grasping would have to come down into the few-hundred-dollar range and there’s nothing like that in any academic (or commercial) lab that we’re aware of. Misty Robotics will continue to research and experiment to deliver consumer-affordable grasping in general purpose robots and will strive to be among the first to deliver that to market when its feasible.
Why did you choose three degrees of freedom for the head?
Three degrees of freedom in the neck joint enables a robot to freely assess its environment without too much movement of the track systems (which conserves battery life) and it enables head-tilt which has been academically proven to convey substantially more emotion than without head-tilt - giving the robot more lifelike characteristics.
What is the robot’s top speed?
Around 0.7 meters per second which is the pace of a “leisurely human walk”. We chose this pace so that the robot could do relatively normal human-like locomotive tasks but to do so safely. For example, we don't want the robot to zoom into a person’s path and cause them to trip.
What are the specs on [insert component here]?
Detailed specifications for Misty II may be found at https://www.mistyrobotics.com/robots/misty-ii  
How will Misty Robotics know whether the motor failed within or outside "normal use"?
We monitor each motor’s usage (by the millisecond) and keep track of how many milliseconds each motor has been used. If the motor fails before the counter has reached its warranty period then the motor has failed within the motor’s warranty period.
What happens if / when one of the motors fails?
Should you wear out a motor,  they are easily replaceable in the field with common tools or you can send Misty 2 back for a refit.  We will charge you only for the parts, labor, and shipments that you require.  
What is the expected motor life?
This is a very difficult question to answer because each customer will use the robot in vastly different ways. We use brushed motors which inherently have lower life spans than brushless motors (and are less expensive -- enabling a more affordable price point). We expect with a reasonable duty cycle the motors will last for approximately one year.
Can I put more battery capacity in the robot?
We don’t recommend installing additional batteries yourself. However, we plan to make a high capacity battery pack with twice the standard capacity available.
Can I charge the robot via the USB port?
Why didn’t you put in a charging plug with a wire?
Because we felt that would expose the robot to situations where it couldn’t be fully independent.
Why did you choose this particular wireless resonance charging?
So that the robot could have as much independence and agency as possible. Power cables require human intervention which makes it pretty hard for Misty to “patrol” independently without having to have its owner up to ask for the power plug to be removed. We also had experience with wireless charging at Sphero and knew that it creates a much better customer experience when all that’s required is for the robot to be placed on a charging pad.
How does the robot get charged? What is the technology behind this?
By resonance (wireless) charging. The robot independently navigates to its charging pad and, as long as the robot is within 8-10cm of the pad’s charging coils, will charge. The robot knows when it is running low on battery charge and will prioritize skill execution accordingly.
How much memory is available to me for my software and data?
Developers will have at least 2 GB available for their application space.
How much storage is available on each processor?
The Qualcomm 820 has 32 GB and the Qualcomm 410 has 8 GB of Flash memory.
What are all of the sensors available on the robot?
4 Time of Flight sensors (used for obstacle avoidance) - three on the front and one on the back; 6 bump sensors (used to stop in case of a sudden obstacle) - four on the front and two on the back; 4 cliff sensors (used to avoid falling down stairs or off tables) - two on the front and two on the back; capacitive touch sensors (to detect human interaction) - in the head; the Structure Core from Occipital depth sensor (2 IR cameras, 1 fisheye camera, 1 IMU) ; and a 4K camera (to handle remote video streaming, picture capture and object/face/people detection and recognition). There are 2 IMU sensors (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer) - one in the Occipital sensor and one on the robot itself and a 3x far-field microphone array.
What are the full capabilities of the Occipital solution?
The Structure Core Sensor comes with two stereo IR cameras, one low-res fish-eye camera, and an IMU and a diffuse laser. The diffuse laser projects into the 3D environment and the cameras capture the reflection to create a 3D map of the environment from the current camera angles.
Why did you choose Occipital for your autonomous navigation / SLAM solution?
We assessed several SLAM solutions on the market. Occipital’s hardware product was of very high quality, their software was robust, and they were excited to be our partner in building something market-changing.
Why did you choose Windows IoT Core as the main OS?
We evaluated a handful of SBCs and OSs as we initially defined the project. Windows Iot Core supported the hardware that met our needs, and provided us the functionality we required to allow us to focus on meaningful differentiating features.
Can Misty II move around independently?
Yes, Misty II can automatically map its environment using powerful 3D optical sensors and the Explore sample skill. Developers can also access mapping and navigation endpoints to control mapping themselves. A 2D map is available via the Misty Companion App and the 3D data stream via API endpoints.The Misty II is equipped with depth sensors, time of flight, and other sensors so she can dynamically respond to her environment, avoid obstacles, move autonomously to patrol your home or office, map a room, or follow you around.
Will Misty II be for mainstream consumers?
Not yet. Misty II currently is a robot for developers and makers. Our strategy is different than other companies in the market. We are building a robot for developers whom we hope will create hundreds of skills for Misty. The first phase in our 10 year vision is to target those developers, inventors, programmers, makers that want to build skills and accessories for Misty for the home and office. We do not want Misty to be limited to only those capabilities and  functions that we can dream up. This needs to be an effort that is larger than Misty Robotics.
Does Misty II respond to verbal commands?
Yes, she is built for this function if someone creates the skill. Misty II has powerful beamforming microphones of the same type used in Amazon Alexa devices. We’ve worked with Qualcomm, makers of leading beamforming microphone chips and associated sound-filtering software to place them optimally in the robot. However current state of the art places beamforming microphones in a flat, stationary surface versus a constantly moving robot with a constantly rotating head. We still have quite a bit of engineering work, validation, and testing to determine if Misty will be able to respond to voice commands in a similar manner as common voice services from Microsoft, Amazon, or Google.
Is Misty II available in multiple colors?
Misty II will be available in white with grey accents.
How did you decide what Misty should look like?
We wanted Misty to be friendly and approachable. There are many programmable robots on the market today that are either scary or not useful. We believe a general purpose robot with humanity in mind  is what people will want to own for the home and office.
What other specs does Misty II have?
See www.mistyrobotics.com/robots/misty-ii/ for a complete listing of specifications.
What is the size of Misty II?
Misty II is 35.56 cm (14”) tall, 20.32 cm (8”) wide, 25.4 cm (10”) long, and weighs 2.7 kg (6 lbs).
Does Misty II talk?
Yes; if the developer wants it to. Misty II has powerful speakers that any software developer can use to integrate with common voice services from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Samsung or others. Misty II does not come with native voice recognition.
What is the expected battery life?
Up to two hours, which is highly dependent on how much mapping and/or face/object detecting the robot is performing.
When will Misty II be available?
The first batch of Misty II robots will begin shipping by December 4th, 2018.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Why are you crowdfunding when you are venture backed?
Because crowdfunding is a special event where the community gets an amazing deal and launches a product on its journey. Crowdfunding aligns with our early mission of building a community of developers and makers. It’s about inviting people to support our community on this early journey. We also believe the crowdfunding campaign will provide a great channel for getting feedback and reinforce our assumption that the target market is ready for an easily programmable robot at a consumer price point.
How much does it cost?
  • Misty II Founder Edition Personal Robot is offered at $1,499 for the first 250 backers ($100 off initial price)
  • Misty II Personal Robot is offered at $1,599 for 1175 backers
  • Misty “Get Started Now” Bundle of both a Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot and Misty II offered at $2,499 for 75 backers
How many robots will fulfill your campaign goal?
We hope to have at least 250 people back the Misty II in a 30-day period.
What happens if you don’t make your goal?
This will not impact our plan to continue to develop and build the Misty II robot, and we’ll work closely with those backers who believe in the Misty vision.
Then why did you set this goal?
We want to assess the level of interest and validate the market. And we want to set a goal for our team to get behind.
Why did you set your goal at 250 backers?
While Misty Robotics is venture funded and well-positioned to bring Misty II to market, we think this goal will allow us to accelerate time-to-market for Misty II, as we’ll gain economies of scale with greater demand. Additionally, we believe that by including a sufficient number of developers, makers, and dreamers in our plans early, the result will be better personal robots in the future.
Are you reliant on the crowdfunding to produce the robots?
No, we will build Misty II in any event.  
What will you use the funds raised for?
Funds raised during this campaign will go towards accelerating time to market. Depending on what level of backing we get, this means accelerating raw materials purchases, air shipment rather than ocean shipments, and having multiple shifts at the factory. Funds will not be used for continued operations, as Misty Robotics is well-funded in this regard.  
How long is the crowdfunding campaign?
The crowdfunding campaign will last 30 days from May 2nd until May 31st.
Why is it only for 30 days?
We are excited to get underway and bring developers into the community ASAP. We think that there will be ample excitement for our vision to allow us to achieve our crowdfunding goal in just 30 days and like the urgency such a campaign brings with it. (Also, a 30-day crowdfunding campaign provides the right balance of urgency and time to consider backing a project.)
Are there any perks to being a backer now?
Yes. You receive a 50% discount by backing Misty II during this crowdfunding campaign. You also can earn $100 for every person you refer who reserves and ultimately receives a Misty II, which means you could earn one for free (and then some!). And, your friends get $100 off, too! There are also a few backer rewards that will only be available during this campaign. Additionally, as an early backer you will have the earliest access to the company and a greater impact on the direction of Misty II and future products.
How does the referral reward work?
Each Misty II backer who reserves a Misty II will receive a referral code. Backers can then refer their friends and colleagues to the campaign with the referral code (entered on the site as the “discount code”). When the referral/discount code is entered, the friend gets $100 off their purchase price and Misty systems increment the number of referrers from the original backer.
When will I receive my referral reward?
Referral rewards will be accounted for and distributed up to {30 days} after the last person on the original referrer’s list has received their Misty II. Some referrers may even get additional cash back because they’ve referred more than 16 people!
When will my credit card be charged after I’ve reserved my Misty II?
Credit cards will be charged within 24 hours of the campaign ending on May 31st.
What is the cancellation policy?
Reservations can be changed or cancelled at any point during the 30-day campaign and orders can be cancelled any time before shipment. Cancelled reservations and orders will result in loss of place in the shipping queue.
What is the return policy?
Once Misty II robots are shipping, customers can return the product for any reason within 30 days with a $100 restocking fee.
What happens if you sell out of Misty II robots; why only 1,500?
We’ve estimated the number of Misty II’s we believe we can manufacture and deliver within our estimated shipping timeframes, and this is factored into our backer levels.
How did you come up with the story idea?
We’re creating a platform for the personal autonomous robot of the future, so we wanted to show the science fiction robots that laid the foundation Misty II. We were also inspired by our founder Ian Bernstein’s background in robotics and how the PCs of the 70’s and 80’s are similar to where robots are today.
If I purchase the Get Started Now bundle for $2,499, can I keep my Misty I?
No. And...yes. If you really want the Misty I, you can pay an additional $500. Because the components of the Misty I and Misty II are exceedingly expensive, the only way we can afford to offer the bundle for $2,499 is if we’re able to receive the Misty I back and recycle key components. Be aware though, that we will not provide software updates for the Misty I after we’ve shipped all of the Misty II's that are part of the Getting Started bundle.
Is it possible to see Misty II in person before I commit to reserving one?
While we have prototype Misty II's she’s not ready for the spotlight yet. That’s why we’re still working on her and why we are asking for your support with this campaign. We will be participating at a handful of industry events over the next 6 months including local Maker Faires so there is an opportunity to see and play with Misty II at those events.


Are you shipping internationally?
We have every intention to ship internationally to high-demand regions -- after we start shipping to customers in the US. If you reside internationally, you can order Misty II in the campaign with everyone else, but we will only charge your credit card when we’re confident we’re within 6 months of shipping to your country. At that time we will provide you with your custom shipping costs. The more successful our crowdfunding campaign is, the easier it will be for us to add some international countries earlier. It is highly unlikely we will be able to ship to every international country; we will watch where demand comes from and prioritize those regions first.
Are you concerned about privacy and safety?
Absolutely. Most of the user data -- in particular the video and audio data - is stored locally, without going to the cloud. Logging and various usage-oriented data is sent to the Misty Robotics cloud servers to improve the product. As time goes by, more and more usage and anonymized & aggregated data will be stored or processed in the cloud so that other robots can learn from each robot’s experiences. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure personally identifying information is obscured from us via 3rd party software providers such as Celery, Shopify and Auth0. We will NEVER share data with third parties without a customer’s explicit consent. We think of Misty as being a guest in our customer’s homes. We want to be the best possible guest we can.
What data does Misty Robotics bring back to its cloud servers?
We capture anonymous usage and error reports and diagnostic information necessary to understand the health of the robot. We never capture any personally identifiable information (PII), video, or audio data.
Who provides customer support?
Our engineers! We are firm believers that developers need other developers to report problems and work through their solutions. To begin with we want to learn as much as we can from our customers as rapidly as we can. What better way than from our developers to you? So… go a little easy on them from time to time; they’re not support professionals but by night they try to play one!
What are the hours of support?
For customer support, Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Mountain time. For developer support Monday through Friday 10am to 10pm and Saturday/Sunday 7am to 7pm.
What kind of support is available?
We offer both customer support (pre-sales questions, order management, shipping, returns, etc.) and developer support (API usage, bug reports and management, feature requests, etc.). Support is primarily offered via the Misty Community site, but also via real-time chat on MistyRobotics.com, Slack, email, and telephone.
What makes a robot?
Domestic and office robots typically have some capability in one or more of: mobility, sensing, manipulation, expression, and information/data processing. The Misty robot has capabilities in all but manipulation (so far).
What's the vision for the Misty robot?
To put a personal robot in every home and office. See the Misty Robotics' 10-year plan blog post.
How long will your vision take to accomplish?
We believe this is a marathon, not a sprint. The personal robot market is nascent and will play out over many years - just as past major technologies have (computers, the Internet, wireless phones). We are at the forefront with the right experience from Sphero, the right team and investors behind us, and with a differentiated strategy to get there.
What's special about the Misty robot?
Misty is the first advanced multi-purpose, programmable robot for home and office which allows someone with basic programming skills to create thousands of skills and applications and is available at a consumer price point.
How do I join the Misty Developer Community?
Simply head on over to the community site and sign up. We're open to all!
Where can I get a Misty robot?
The Misty II is available to reserve now, during the crowdfunding campaign running from May 2 through 31. You can Apply for the Developer Program and if selected you can purchase a Misty I Developer Edition.
So I don't have to be a roboticist to work with Misty?
No! Misty is the robot for every programmer. We aspire to put a robot in every home and office, and to make it programmable by people young and old with even basic tech skills. What's required is an imagination and a thirst to explore what robots could do for you.


Update #6: Sphero SPRK+ and Misty II Bundle Launches
On May 9, 2018 at 11:11 pm
Misty II & Sphero SPRK+ Buddy Bundle Misty is now available with a buddy, bundled together for the first time. Code and learn with two great robots. Get the Misty II personal robot with the popular Sphero SPRK+ for $1699 and discover fun and interesting ways they can integrate… Read More
Update #5: Invite a friend.
On May 8, 2018 at 11:06 am
Here’s a goal we can all accomplish: refer one friend using either the unique referral link that was sent after you reserved your Misty or with this link you can use even if you didn’t reserve your robot yet. (missed the email? Search your email for “Exclusive:… Read More
Update #4: 300 Backers + 1/2 Million Dollars
On May 6, 2018 at 11:54 am
Hi there. I took a few days off of updates to travel from Boulder to Seattle for the Microsoft Build conference. Misty will be participating in the Windows IoT Core booth. Come by and see us and then join us for the Robot After Party at SPIN Seattle from… Read More
Update #3: There are goals, and then there are stretch goals
On May 4, 2018 at 10:47 pm
Here at Misty Robotics, we aren’t ones to rest on our laurels, as is evident by taking a look at the Feature Roadmap (you can even vote for those ideas you like and add your own). And so we aren’t content with the 250 backer goal we achieved yesterday. Read More
Update #2: Goal Achieved! We could not have done it without you!
On May 3, 2018 at 10:45 pm
WOW. Halfway through today, we found reason to celebrate here at the Misty office—250 backers joined our journey and reserved their MIsty II’s. This is what can be seen at the top of our homepage as I write this: We are very happy that we’ve realized this goal on day 2… Read More
Update #1: What a day! Thank you!
On May 2, 2018 at 9:09 pm
At the time of writing this (9:00pm MT) I am elated and also entirely exhausted. That’s why I am not staying up until midnight to see this full day through. We had 197 people pledge $321,931.95 to help ensure this little 14″ robot makes it out into the world. From the… Read More

What can Misty do?

We’ve packed Misty full of sensors and capabilities. She can do a lot right away. But, the real excitement comes from what you enable with your coding and maker skills.

Here are some examples of what Misty can do and some skill ideas you might create.

Create maps

MIsty can be set to create maps on her own or with your help as you drive her around.


Listen to you

An array of three far-field mics make sure Misty can hear you from afar and knows where you’re yelling from.


Secure the perimeter

Misty can patrol the house when you’re not around and let you know what she finds.

Recognize you

Misty has multiple advanced cameras (and even lasers) and can recognize faces. She’ll be glad to see yours.

Greet your guests

Home, office, rental, wherever she is, Misty can make your guest feel right at home.


Go go gadget, arms!

That’s right, Misty is ambidextrous. She can use her two arms plus any additional ones you create for her.

Charge herself

At the end of a hard day Misty can tuck herself in and charge herself. She’d still appreciate if you read her a story.


Give peace of mind

You can't always be with those you love. Misty can keep you connected.


Take inventory

Advanced sensors and cameras can still be foiled if you forget to front-face the groceries.


Control your home

Control your smart devices and automate your home with Misty’s help.

Play music

Sometimes you just need an impromptu dance party. 
Misty gets it.


Check the oven

Misty can give you peace of mind by checking on things like appliances, when you aren’t there.


Help you out

There are many ways you can think up of how Misty can help around the house. Interpreting IKEA instructions is just one.


Flip the channel

Misty really wants to watch BSG again.

Show her personality

Misty will let you know how she’s “feeling”. Don’t let her know we used quotes there.


Record a time lapse

Misty has all the patience in the world to sit there and take your time lapse photos. Nope, don’t worry about her.


Recognize things

Misty can be taught to recognize a wide variety of objects. She knows that’s not a hoverboard. No it’s not.


Check air quality

By adding sensors to Misty she can provide many different types of data about your surroundings.

Tow things around

By connecting accessories to Misty’s “trailer hitch” you 
can add functionality and 
carrying capacity.


Annoy your cat

Switching out different hardware accessories that you create is a great way to add unique and fun capabilities to Misty.


Bring you a drink

3D print a drink holder, replace an arm, and send Misty on her way…
to the fridge.


Update that profile

Backlighting? Advanced photography techniques? 
No problem for Misty. 
Say Cheese!


Play with Barkley

Working late? Don’t worry, Misty can be your best friend’s friend today.


Sing for you

Dream up new, hilarious, and useful skills for Misty and show them off in our forums and with your friends.

Avoid falls

Advanced sensors keep Misty safe by allowing her to steer clear of walls, stairs, furniture, and other hazards.


Make you laugh

Cat gifs make the world go round. Or at least the Internet more interesting.

Drive around

Take control…or not. Misty has both manual and autonomous driving modes.


Create art

Don’t tell Misty her drawing is derivative there’s only so much inspiration she is getting 
from you.


Wear headgear

Misty can don various cranium accessories to upgrade form or function. Hey a robot’s got to look sharp.


Whatever you want!

Blockly—open source, simple, block-based programming—inspires students to stretch their imaginations with gratifying results.

How does Misty do it?

Professional-grade sensors and advanced APIs make Misty II a powerful development platform. See all the specs.

Learn more about Misty

View feature videos, read posts from the blog, and get behind the scenes views into the making of Misty.

VIDEO: Did you see the launch video for Misty II? Misty is really excited to get started. Are you?

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VIDEO: Programming with Misty with blocky or JavaScript is easy. Chris shows you how to get started.

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Ian walks through Misty II's sensors and capabilities, including a quick tour around the inside of this robot.

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VIDEO: CNET chats with Ian about Misty II, a robot created for developers to play with.

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VIDEO: See Misty create a map with her Structure Core depth sensor by Occipital in 2D and 3D.

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IMAGE: Check out this exploded view of Misty II's CAD files.

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BLOG: Read about Misty Robotic’s 10 Year Plan for putting a robot in every home and office.

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VIDEO: Engage the Misty community by sharing knowledge, asking questions, or finding inspiration.

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FEATURE: Misty charges herself whenever her batteries get low or she doesn’t have anything better to do.

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LEARN: Misty is for developers. Read about the tools and resources available for creating skills and extending Misty's capabilities.

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