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Meet Misty II, the world's most lovable robot

Built with the best technology available, Misty is your companion to explore the world of robotics

Discover the magic of programming with Misty

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The world of Misty


Open API Robotics

Misty is packed with a ton of functionality, all of which is exposed through HTTP APIs and web socket messages. These ubiquitous communication mechanisms can be leveraged by many programming languages, giving you the freedom to work with the languages or tools you prefer, all running from your computer.

Advanced Visual and Audio Tools

With face and speech recognition, Misty is no stranger to friendly social interactions. She is always looking forward to her next conversation and sees a world of possibilities through her advanced visual processing tools and audio localization.

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Unlock your full potential with Misty Lessons

Experience unparalleled advancement as Misty empowers you to unleash your full potential in Computer Science and Engineering. Misty fosters creativity, computational thinking, and innovative problem-solving, propelling you towards a future of limitless possibilities.

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Download the report

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Special Report: Misty in Education and Research

Read about Misty's journey around the globe in the fields of Education and Research. This special report is your ticket to a thrilling adventure, where Misty robots don the cape of innovation and become superheroes of classrooms, makerspaces and research labs.

Misty's Stories 


Saint Vrain Special Education Department launches an initiative to help teachers engage special needs kids with socially-assistive robots in order to aid them in improving their communication skills and  socialization.


Junior and senior students combine psychology and technology to explore the outcomes and implications of using social robots to aid children's learning and social development.


Student project exploring innovative ways to increase our understanding of how robots like Misty, paired with Generative AI and LLMs, can improve children's education and computational thinking.


Researchers use Misty as an autonomous reading companion for children in the natural and familiar setting of their homes, revealing novel design insights and opportunities for HRI.


Join the Misty Community

In the Misty Community you can share your projects, experiences and interact with our team and Misty users around the world


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Ready to get your Mistys?


Misty is action packed with content and ready to join you on your journey into the world of robotics. 

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