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Getting to Know Misty: Feature Videos

We’re building a library of quick videos about Misty II and her features. Check out what we’ve posted so far and subscribe to the Misty Robotics YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are published. With high-end cameras, integrated DSP and GPU, and an onboard neural processing engine, a lot of thought has gone into making […]

Creating an LED Mohawk for Misty (Part 1)

I’m an LED maniac. I put LEDs in (or on) everything. I’ve built LEDs into concrete coffee tables, shelves, and microphone stands. I’ve made more custom lamps with LEDs than I can count. So there was no way I was going to skip on bedecking one of our Misty II robots with some type of […]

Robots: The Next Creative Platform for Makers, Artists, and Developers

Say you’re an artist. If theme parks worldwide can have animatronic characters, why can’t you? Yours can be even better, because it won’t be stuck in one place and can be autonomously responsive. Or maybe you’re a maker who really wants to give your Arduino projects some life, or who would love to set your 3D prints loose […]

Autonomous Recharging Isn’t Magic

At Misty we firmly believe that autonomy is fundamental to robotics. A robot that requires its owner to figure out if it needs a charge, carry it to its charger, and plug it in is complicated, tiresome, and… not a robot. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to design an automated charging solution for […]

What Goes Into Building a Robot

Even if all you want to do is program a robot, it still helps to know what they’re made of. If you’re a developer or maker who’s interested in robots, you’re in luck these days, because you no longer have to build a robot to program or modify one. Robotics companies are finally producing highly capable robots — with advanced […]