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Misty Holiday Offers

Dec 15   to Dec 31

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Education Starter

Get 20% OFF on your first Misty


Promocode: EDTECHSTAR20

Robotics Class

Get 3 Mistys for the price of 2

Misty Christmas.png

Promocode: ROBOCLASS21

What's next for your students?

In a world driven by technology, it's crucial to equip your students with more than just theoretical knowledge and prepare them for the digital future ahead. Educational robots are the gateway to that future, providing unparalleled learning experiences in computer science and robotics engineering.

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Coming Soon: Misty Lessons

 Starting from January 9th 2024  all of Misty's friends will get free access to Misty Lessons, an online educational platform for learning  Blockly and Python programming with Misty.

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