Misty II Your Retail Assistant


New Era in Retail

“This year has ushered in a new era of retail, and customers are asking for retailers to show up differently.”

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed retail.  The shift to digital and online buying accelerated. How customers and retail brands look at brick & mortar is changing. The time is now to:

  • Connect the physical and digital parts of the business
  • Weave together offline and online experiences 
  • Focus on experience and personalization at a granular level
  • Make smaller footprint stores work including 0-inventory 
  • Leverage automation to improve store profitability 
  • Increase the capture of data

Misty II as Part of the Solution

The real value of robots in retail is interacting and serving customers.  Meet Misty II, who was designed to interact with people. 
Like most robots, she can automate the routine, extending your workforce and reducing costs. Misty’s value add however is as a digital endpoint in your retail information and data system. 

She can communicate with people and provide information and at the same capture data about customers, their buying habits and more.  She can put existing digital assets to work such as chatbots and AI systems getting more out of digital investments.  Her industrial design, proactive interaction capability and enate personality drive engagement. 

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Every Interaction Is an Opportunity for Data

With Misty on the job, you have access to an impressive amount of data about your customers and store operations.  This is data that would otherwise be difficult to capture if simply relying on employees to transmit it. Gather data on things like:

  • Products people are looking for
  • Product specific info they care about
  • Promotions that are compelling
  • Personalized interactions that resonate
  • Who people buy for and why
  • Where assistance is needed in store
  • Insights on inventory needs
  • Purchasing data and behavior
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Support needs
  • And more…

Delivering Value in Retail

With Misty II as a part of the retail and digital strategy, brands can:

  • Extend the convenience of the online experience to the offline world 
  • Automate and take the cost out of basic information delivery
  • Improve customer service by providing efficient access to remote expertise
  • Extend instore resources 
  • Differentiate the brand and create WOM 
  • Carry online personalization to the offline environment
  • Increase in store as well as online sales 
  • Collect valuable data about customers, their experiences and store activity
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Getting Started

If you are in retail and want to put robots front of house and be at the forefront of data and automation strategy, we are here to help.  

Our Misty Services team is on hand to help you structure a plan, build out proof-of-concepts customized for your retail operation.

At Misty Robotics, we are changing the way the robotics market works. We are enabling developers and the companies and institutions they work with to build for and accelerate the opportunity for robots to do useful things. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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