Misty II Your Retail Assistant

Partner with Misty Robotics to customize Misty II as your fully automated data and customer experience solution


Delivering Value in Retail

With Misty II as a part of the retail and digital strategy brands can

  • Extend the convenience of the online experience to the offline world 
  • Automate and take the cost out of basic information delivery
  • Improve customer service by providing efficient access to remote expertise
  • Differentiate the brand and create WOM 
  • Increase in-store as well as online sales 
  • Collect valuable data about customers, their experiences and store activity

Automate your customer service

COVID-19 and the digital revolution have fundamentally changed customer expectations in brick & mortar locations.  Provide your Customers:

  • Instant purchasing from your entire in-store or warehouse inventory 
  • On-demand engaging and accurate customer service
  • Opt-in Personalized interactions by drawing upon member data
  • Special promotions based on online and in-store purchasing data
  • Safe yet rewarding interactions in a pandemic-conscious world

Plus, collect valuable data from customers about their store activity and experience


Your data collector and synthesizer

Misty can effortlessly gather and visualize a real-time data dashboard :

  • Products people are looking for
  • Product-specific info they care about
  • A/B Promotion tests that are compelling
  • Personalized interactions that resonate
  • Who people buy for and why
  • Where assistance is needed in store
  • Insights on inventory needs
  • Purchasing data and behavior
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Support need

Your Online and offline Data Bridge

  • Build a bridge between customer online and in-store data to boost ROI
  • Provide a real-time dashboard of all relevant customer behavior 
  • Work alongside chatbots and AI systems to get more out of digital investments
  • Use databases to create a unique personalized experience for store members
  • Customer satisfaction

Getting Started

If you are in retail and want to put robots front of house and be at the forefront of data and automation strategy, we are here to help.  

Our Misty Services team is on hand to help you structure a plan, build out proof-of-concepts customized for your retail operation.

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