Misty II: Your Partner in University Education and Research

robot platform for universities and research

Platform Robots

Platform robots are the missing link in accelerating the availability of robots to take on useful assignments. A platform robot is multi-purpose by nature. It can be leveraged for different purposes or use cases based on the skills (robot applications) that are built for it.

In the case of Misty II, we have focused on making her highly accessible to developers. You don’t have to have knowledge of robotics or the related robotics languages to work with her. She’s ready for you to put her to work.

A Platform for Learning

Misty serves as a vehicle for learning engineering constructs with robots vs. laptops. She offers opportunities to engage with cutting edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. As a platform for developers, Misty is highly accessible enabling students and faculty to jump into coding and building skills (robot applications).

robot platform for ai machine learning ml computer vision cv
research robot platform for alzheimers autism aging in place

A Platform for Research

With Misty discovery moves from the hypothetical to the physical world. She can serve as an agent to drive connectivity in HRI studies and research work in areas such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, and aging-in- place. Misty increases the level of the game in terms of seeing impact real time. The team can operate without the burden of building their own robots.