Misty II: Your
Library Partner

robots in libraries for learning

Serving the Local Community

Misty II is a perfect complement to library endeavors to bring value to the community and expand the library’s role. Whether the goal is to expose patrons to the technologies that are changing the world or provide an outlet for creativity and exploration or facilitate lifelong learning, Misty can be an active contributor, keeping patrons coming back for more.

Putting Misty to Work in Your Library

With the help of a developer, Misty II can take on a wide variety of Library assignments to assist the team and patrons alike.
  • Library Greeter – Misty welcomes patrons and lets them know what’s new or happening in the library.
  • Library Concierge – Misty guides patrons to where they can find things they are looking for, answer questions about the library and program offerings etc.
  • Book Reviewer – Misty offers book reviews and recommendations based on a patron’s interests.
  • Language Translator – Misty helps guests for whom English isn’t their primary language to navigate the library.
  • Language Tutor – Misty helps patrons learning English as a second language with flash card exercises, quizzes and more.
  • Storyteller – Misty shares favorite stories with children while capturing their imagination about robots.
  • Technology Partner – Misty helps patrons learn about robotics and related technologies.
  • Coding Partner – Misty serves as a platform for building skills and learning to code.
  • Maker Partner – Misty serves as a platform for creativity for those interested in 3D printing, making robot accessories, Arduino and more.
Many robot use cases in libraries
twilioquest for education

Introducing TwilioQuest for Education

TwilioQuest is an educational PC game for Windows, Mac and Linux. It was created by Twilio as an engaging way to learn about programming and APIs.

TwilioQuest for Education serves individual educators and institutions by bringing TwilioQuest to life in the classroom. The TwilioQuest program is suitable for all new programmers from the age of 13 and covers the fundamentals of programming, as well as language-specific missions, making it a great pre-classroom curriculum or supporting program for students to practice what they have learned.

Misty II is a Platform for Learning

From a learning perspective Misty II can help patrons gain knowledge about robots and sophisticated areas of technology like AI and machine learning, computer vision, sensors and more.

For those interested in code, Misty II is a platform robot ready for proficient developers to build skills (robot applications). She can also stimulate interest in learning to code in JavaScript, C# and Python.

Robot platform for learning kids adults