Misty II: Your
Innovation Partner

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The Business of Innovation

Whether you are an innovation lab within a company or an external agency serving clients, you are tasked with coming up with the new ideas. You are the cornerstone to keeping organizations ahead in dynamic, competitive markets. You are the path to ensuring a company keeps pace with the technologies driving rapid and unpredictable change. Enter stage right… robots and AI.

Misty II is a Platform for Innovation

Misty II is the first professional-grade platform robot. We took a developer first approach, leveraging the power and creativity of developers to put Misty II to work.

For innovation labs and agencies, she provides a new platform for innovation. Explore how robots can drive new revenue streams, create differentiated experiences, solve for internal needs and serve as an internal learning platform for new technologies.

Robot developer skill ecosystem
misty robot working roam and collect data

Misty II’s Work Potential

With the creativity of your developers, she can take on a wide variety of useful assignments. She’d built for work that plays an integrated role in life, is high value, and benefits from an approachable form factor, robust locomotion and autonomy. Misty can be a coach, teacher, personal assistant, companion, concierge, greeter, receptionist, interpreter, point-of-sale order taker, host, tour guide, data collector, survey assistant, room monitor, or smart space attendant. And that’s just for starts. We can’t wait to see what you bring to life.