Misty II: Your
Eldercare Partner

Robots can solve supply and demand problems in healthcare

The Core Problem

Eldercare today is an issue of supply and demand. Our population is aging at a faster pace than the growth of the population of people to care for them. As a result, the market is ready for technological and digital disruption.

Robots as Part of the Solution

Robots are now being viewed as a positive reality in addressing the needs of our greying population and the caregivers that support them. They can be part of innovative solutions that…
  • Enable people to live at home longer
  • Help solve for loneliness and the need for companionship
  • Address the challenges associated with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Tackle the problem of falling
  • Expand caregiver capacity
  • Help alleviate the stress of the caregiver position
Robot developer skill ecosystem

Misty II is a Platform for Serving the Silver Economy

Misty II is the first professional-grade platform robot. Leveraging your code creativity and third-party API’s, there are a wealth of assignments Misty can take on and a wealth of new business products and services you can introduce for the Silver Economy.

Serving the Elderly

  • Smart Home/Room Conductor – Misty assists her human with controlling the “smart” elements of the house/room, allowing greater independence.
  • Senior Companion – Misty serves as a companion, keeping her human engaged while reducing loneliness.
  • Senior Assistant – Misty serves as a personal assistant, helping and nudging her human to navigate day-to-day life.
  • Fall Detection Safety Monitor – Misty keeps an eye on her human, monitoring for falls and calling for help if needed.
  • Medication Monitor – Misty reminds her human when to take medication, monitors and sends an alert if not properly taken.
  • Memory Coach – Misty works with her humans by playing memory games to help train brain skills like short-term memory, working memory and remembering.

Supporting Caretakers

  • Eldercare Concierge – Misty is available to her seniors to answer common questions, saving caregivers precious time and relieving the stress associated with answering repeated questions.
  • Wellbeing Monitor – Misty serves as a monitor, sending video to a central or remote location, so caregivers can keep an eye on activity without being on the spot, allowing attention to additional duties.
  • Caregiver Sidekick – Misty helps the caregiver by engaging with an elder under their care, redirecting conversations when they ask challenging difficult questions, reducing the stress of some interactions.