Misty II: Teach Programming

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Introducing TwilioQuest for Education

TwilioQuest is an educational PC game for Windows, Mac and Linux. It was created by Twilio as an engaging way to learn about programming and APIs.

TwilioQuest for Education serves individual educators and institutions by bringing TwilioQuest to life in the classroom. The TwilioQuest program is suitable for all new programmers from the age of 13 and covers the fundamentals of programming, as well as language-specific missions, making it a great pre-classroom curriculum or supporting program for students to practice what they have learned.

Misty II in the Role of Cedric

Twilio selected Misty II, the first professional-grade platform robot, as their inspiration for Cedric, an NPC (non-player character) guide in TwilioQuest. Cedric lives in a cloud but inhabits the body of Misty in the real world as his Avatar. Throughout the game, students have the opportunity to get to know Cedric as a robot personality.
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Bring Cedric to Life in Your Classroom

With TwilioQuest educators have a new gamified approach to learning to program. With Misty II (Cedric) in the classroom, you’ll see the excitement about robots turn into a passion for programming and learning about technologies that are transforming our world.