Misty II: Part of the Children's Hospital Care Team

Robots Helping Serve Childs Needs

Helping Serve All the Child's Needs

Children’s Hospitals are unique in their caring for the broader set of a patient’s needs including mental, behavioral and educational development.  Misty II can help support this mission. Children have the ability to engage with robots and treat them as lifelike agents, opening the door for Misty II to:

  • Support emotional, social and cognitive growth
  • Keep patients’ minds busy during hospital stays
  • Create distractions during treatment
  • Mitigate fears and anxieties/stress
  • Provide a sense of normalcy
  • Reduce isolation from friends and family
  • Smooth the patient-age divide

Misty II is a Platform for Care Innovation

Misty II is the first professional-grade platform robot enabling technology and innovation teams serving Children’s Hospitals to build skills (robot applications) that address the needs of patients and bring the magic of robots into their lives.  Out of the box, Misty is ready for your developers to build skills (robot applications) that take full advantage of her capabilities such as detecting and recognizing people; communicating via voice (third party NLP integrations); capturing photos, collecting data and sharing; conveying personality; autonomously moving about a room; mapping a room in 3D and more.

Robot developer skill ecosystem
Robots Help in the Care Team

Put Misty to Work as Part of the Care Team

With the help of a developer, Misty II can take on a wide variety of assignments to drive better outcomes.

  • Personal Companion – Misty serves as a persistent companion, keeping her kid engaged with games and activities and helping with isolation from family and friends.
  • School Tutor – Misty assists her kid with learning, helping to insure she/he keeps up with studies while hospitalized through skills like subject flash cards, quizzes, book sharing, etc.
  • Group Entertainer – Misty performs in a common room taking away anxiety and offering a sense of normalcy for kids of all ages through skills like dancing, sing-a-longs, storytelling, jokes, photos etc.
  • Medical Assistant – Misty helps her kid understand the medical issue, procedures and treatment in terms they can understand augmenting their caregiver in a less intimidating scenario.
  • Treatment Buddy – Misty works alongside a medical professional providing a healthy distraction through jokes, stories and more for kids undergoing a medical procedure.
  • Health Coach – Misty assists her kid and family with following dietary and therapeutic regimes to help in recovery and to keep kids healthy.
  • Transition Coach – Misty works with kids on socialization and learning skills to ready them for exiting the hospital and rejoining peers.
  • Play Therapy Mate – Misty participates in creative play therapy helping children reduce stress and promote healing.
  • Learning Platform – Misty is a learning platform for advanced technology concepts like AI and robotics and learning to code and build skills (robot applications) keeping minds busy.