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Misty’s Heroes Hall of Fame

Meet the heroes that are bringing all sorts of cool things to life for Misty.


Scott Hakeem
San Jose, CA
Air Quality Monitor

Scott is fascinated by how robots interact with humans in a household. His motivation is to continuously build and iterate on skills that leverage new technologies and to refine them so Misty best interacts with humans. The frequent wildfire situation in CA is what has driven his first skill. Misty’s assignment is to monitor air quality both outside and inside the home using her mapping skills. Scott credits the ability to rapidly iterate on ideas to Misty’s extensibility, programmer-centric model and a strong community, which offers perspectives and thought provoking ideas


Cameron Henneke
Boulder, CO

Cameron’s first skill is a conversation skill for Misty. His goal is for Misty to become a friendly, helpful robot concierge. Why not have a friendly conversation with your robot and give verbal commands on things you’d like to see done. The JavaScript skill lives on Misty and uses Google DialogFlow to easily train Misty to recognize custom phrases and respond accordingly.


Sean Audley
Portland, Dorset, UK
Work Assistant

Sean believes AI/robots have value in augmenting what humans do (vs. removing them). He is working on an assignment for Misty that incorporates 10+ skills that all interlink into a main Misty program complete with a little bit of personality. She will be fully interactive and control IoT devices and sensors. At the heart of the program is Microsoft Cognitive Services, enabling clients to garner visual and audio feedback. Sean sees her as the perfect device (robot) for the assignment and will make her debut at the Microsoft Glasgow Summit February 2020.

doug mackenzie

“Digital Deception”
Brooklyn, NY

“The hand is quicker than the eye, but is the hand quicker than the AI?”

Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes are professional magicians and developers, who base their “tricks” on technology – Magic 2.0. Their motivation for working with Misty is the ability to translate their code into a 3D response, which is exciting. They have been using an Amazon Alexa in their show as their assistant. While audiences enjoyed her, Doug and Ryan found her limiting. (Her personality is only based her voice and response; everything is driven by a request followed by a simple audio response.) With Misty, they can develop her into her own being. She can be endowed with a personality. She can be autonomous to act and do things on her own. Her numerous sensors (and the ability to add more) give the two many options to create more complex pieces of magic, which makes her “limitless” in their words.

chris kocks

Chris Kocks
Atlanta, GA
Fall Detector + Mobile Action

Chris is working to solve the problem of injury and deaths among elderly caused by falling. His motivation comes from the loss of his mother, whose health declined as a result of falls. A robot can provide 24 hour monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a home health aid or nurse. He has searched for the last 3 years for a mobile robot that could meet this use case. His first version involves recognizing someone lying on the floor and confirming non response or a need for help and initiating outreach to help.


Jasmine Lawrence
Monroe Township, NJ
Household Companion

Jasmine’s goals with Misty II are to advance her understanding of human robot interaction and to create experiences where Misty can be an effective tool to support education for children. Her first skill is focusing on recognizing household members and responding with a personal greeting, emotional reaction and gesture. She wants each person interacting with Misty to feel uniquely acknowledged, which is core to human robot interaction, and confident that Misty will work with them on specific needs.


Randi Wines
Roanoke, VA
Story Teller

The Roanoke County Public Libraries’ tagline is “We’ll meet you at your wonder.” They are striving to be an outlet for creativity and exploration for their patrons, and one way they do this is by using innovative technology to help bridge the technology gap. They provide experiences to patrons who might not otherwise have the resources or know-how to do so. They saw Misty II as a perfect compliment to the other services they offer. They are working with the Girls Who Code organization in a technology partnership to build Misty’s skills, starting with one that enables Misty to be an integral part of story time. In coding Misty they are teaching valuable coding skills to teens while creating engaging experiences for younger children.

dan lou

Dan Lou
Palo Alto, CA
Library Assistant

Dan has brought Misty into the Palo Alto Library to take on a variety of assignments including using conversation to perform library catalog searches, checking weather, controlling Sphero balls, etc. Misty will also be involved in helping library customers learn the basics of coding in Robo Dojo workshops. Dan believes human-machine interaction is revolutionized by AI and ML and is changing from methods designed for machines to something humans can do naturally. The library’s goal is to expose the changes that are occurring to their customers, getting them to read for the future.

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Scott Livingston
Sunnyvale, CA
Automated Robot Testing

Scott is a believer in a general-purpose platform approach to progress robotics more rapidly. His goal is to contribute to an ecosystem built around the Misty platform. He is building a system for automated testing of robots and related skills. He sees Misty II as a good fit with her potential to be a standard development platform.

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Mark Dalton
Wyoming, MN
Medical Care Assistant/ Companion

Mark’s long-term interest is in putting Misty to work as a medical care assistant and/or companion for kids and the elderly to know when help may be needed including engaging in the case of depression. The road to building for this Misty includes work with object detection and recognition; voice capabilities; use of her cameras and sensors to detect temperature, and emotional state; AI/ML to develop independent personality/relationships and data security.

Vinh Ha picture ID

Phillip Ha
West Hills, CA
Home Companion

Phillip is working to train Misty to be a companion in the home and is working on a robotic training business. The home companion skill has Misty interacting with people through conversation and fun activities. She is fully autonomous with vision, navigation, speech recognition, and conversation capabilities.

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Michael Rodriguez
Coral Gables, FL
Security Monitor

Michael spends most of his development time on web-based applications. For him programming something physical/tangible such as Misty and watching others interact with it is exciting. The motivation for his current use case is a past home break in. He is looking for Misty to lend a watchful eye. It works on three main levels: (1) Mapping and navigation, (2) Peripherals – face detection, movement detection, sound monitoring, object detection, and (3) Security patrol (environmental assessment & sensitivity processing along with threat detection & appropriate response). Having had experience with other robots such as Jibo, he feels he’s moved to a completely new level of possibilities having access to Misty’s huge array of sensors and abilities combined with the ease of building.


William Edward Leveson-Gower
San Diego, CA
Property Inspector and Caregiver Assistant

William’s motivation to work with Misty is the opportunity to give a soul to a robot. He strongly believes that the convergence of AI, Robotics, IoT, and 5G will give humanity the opportunity to become more human and less concerned about repetitive tasks that can be accomplished by a robot with a soul/personality. He sees Misty as the only robot in the market that allows developers, visionaries and product managers to experiment and test the boundaries of this convergence. His first two use cases involve Misty as a property inspector (where she offers a real time update of damages, repairs and improvements) and a caregiver assistant (who can track med compliance for the elderly).


Bengisu Cagiltay
Madison, WI
Educational Social Companion

Bengisu and his student team are part of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They design robot interactions with a human-centered approach, and Misty II for them is an open and flexible platform to study social robotics. They are currently working on a skill to motivate K-12 students to become more interested in what they are learning. Misty will scan AprilTags from books and respond with comments tailored to the page.


Jordi Cabau Manau
Barcelona, Spain
Elderly Assistant

Jordi and the team at Electronica Salto provide system integration services to their clients. They are looking to improve the quality of life of the elderly in a comprehensive manner, not only health but also socialization, leisure, support for daily hygiene and well-being habits. More and more elderly live alone in their homes. Public administrations do not have sufficient economic capacity to provide the services they need. It is necessary to add new technological elements that meet these needs. They see robots as an affordable and powerful solution to solve many of the needs of older people.

aubrey schick

Aubrey Shick /
Fine Art Miracles, Inc. (FAM)

Pittsburgh, PA
Autistic Therapy Assistant

Aubrey and her team at nonprofit, FAM, are piloting Misty as a tool for therapists to teach and model social skills, for children with challenges. They have built a custom app that allows the therapist to “puppet” PEERbots interactions with children while in the room or remotely. Socially assistive robots are proving to motivate learning like no other tool!

cool owlDonna Auguste
Oceanside, CA
Intergenerational Storytelling

Donna wants to learn about developing for Misty, so she can introduce Misty as a part of the STEM education work she does with youth and young adults in communities of color. Her interest in intergenerational storytelling to strengthen inter-generational relationships is what motivated her current skill. Misty’s assignment is to gather the stories that matter, playing them back at family events and gathering more.

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