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How will you use a Misty Robotics robot?

If you could program an advanced robot in 30 min, would you?

Update #4: 300 Backers + 1/2 Million Dollars

Hi there. I took a few days off of updates to travel from Boulder to Seattle for the Microsoft Build conference. Misty will be participating in the Windows IoT Core booth. Come by and see us and then join us for the Robot After Party at SPIN Seattle from 8-10pm on Monday, May 7th—you’ll even get a chance to take home a Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot.

This campaign isn’t all about the numbers but some numbers just need to be expressed. We’re super excited to make progress towards the 400 Back s-t-r-e-t-c-h goal of getting the Matte Black Misty II into people’s hands. Have you seen it? If not check out Update #3.  We need to get more people involved in this campaign and to do that we need you. We need you to use the referral link you received after reserving your Misty and share that with everyone. For best results share it directly with your closest contacts via email. You should also share via social media. Add in all the hashtags you need 🙂

If you have not yet reserved your Misty, you can still get in on the act. Create your own unique referral link here. Share this and when you are ready, you can get $100 back for each person that you referred and who reserved a Misty II. Don’t worry, there is something in it for them too—$100 off their order.



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