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Update #3: There are goals, and then there are stretch goals

Here at Misty Robotics, we aren’t ones to rest on our laurels, as is evident by taking a look at the Feature Roadmap (you can even vote for those ideas you like and add your own). And so we aren’t content with the 250 backer goal we achieved yesterday. That’s why we’ve introduced four new stretch goals. These goals are tied to a number of backers and each one unlocks something else that we can offer to everyone who reserves a Misty II.

Our first unlockable goal is at 400 backers and it’s a good one: a special Matte Black finish option. If we achieve this stretch goal, any campaign backer (current and future) will be able to choose either the standard white or matte black Misty II. We’ll collect your preference before we ship (if we unlock this).

If we get 600 people to join the journey, we will unlock Misty sticker packs—decals that you can use to spruce up your robot and customize it. This is something we’ve heard people wanting and we think it is a fun way to express yourself with Misty.

At 1000 and 1500 we’ve got ways to extend Misty with software and hardware. These are the ideas we currently have but we’d love to hear more in the comments below. Even better, weigh in on that Feature Roadmap I shared above. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see.



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