Misty II

An advanced personal robot with professional grade sensors that can be programmed with the programming languages you already know—or even with a visual block programming interface. There hasn’t been a robot like this before at this price point.

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Misty II is packed with features

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Easily Programmed

Whether you’re a youngster or beginner to robots and want to start with a visual programming tool like Blockly, or a Javascript or Python programmer working to solve a business problem, start a business or learn more about programming or even a PhD at a university wanting to explore the boundaries of AI, human-robot interaction or myriad other advanced research that requires an autonomous robot, we’ve made the Misty II easy to program for each of you. Simple and high-level APIs enable beginners and non-roboticists sub-30 minute programming starts to complicated use cases that involve navigating to different rooms, recognizing people and performing tasks. Low-level SDKs enable advanced software developers and academic researchers richer access to the robot’s core functions for specifically tuned use cases.

Highly Expandable

The ability to extend Misty II’s hardware is central to how we think new capabilities will be added in the future.  We currently have 4 primary modification options, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t think of other ways to extend your Misty.

Misty II will ship with:

  • Backpack (Magnetized)
  • Arms (Sockets)
  • Headpiece (Magnetized)
  • Trailer Hitch

Backpack Accessory

If you want powered access to external accessories, the Backpack delivers with USB and Serial interfaces. Need power to another attachment? Run a cable from the Backpack’s USB port.

The Backpack easily snaps in place thanks to the magnetic connectors.  

Face Detection

Rather than force developers to become experts in OpenCV and all of the ins and outs of face and object detection, we’ve built deep neural network machine learning into the robot. This gives developers access to face and object detection at a high level, simply by calling the API. Developers can then train the robot to recognize specific objects for their use case. Additionally, the 3D maps created by the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor support enhanced detection for household objects such as cabinets, tables, and couches.

Face Recognition

We’re going beyond simply detecting that there is a human in the frame and enabling beginning and intermediate software developers to train specific faces (your coworkers, your classmates, your family) in different lighting and environments and then recognize those people when the robot is stationary. This lets developers create specific skills for specific people. The 4K camera enables higher resolution which enables more accurate face recognition and fewer false positives.

Far-Field Mic Array

3 microphones in the Misty II head enable Misty to not only capture ambient sound but detect from which direction the sound might be coming from. Simply turn its head to hone in on the source of the sound. Use the microphones to translate sound into available voice recognition services from Microsoft, Amazon, Google or your favorite natural language processing engine. Or, use the sound input as training material for your AI initiative.


We’ve left LIDAR in the dust and migrated the best 3D sensor from the AR/VR headset market into our robot. It’s the first robot to do so. Using the Occipital Structure Core Sensor (2x IR cameras, 640 x 480 fisheye camera, one laser and one IMU), the robot projects a 3D point cloud out into space to build its representation of the environment. The more angles the robot maps its environment from, the richer the 3D map. Multi-room navigation is assured with this technology. Developers will have access to the raw 3D depth data as well as all of the essential mapping & navigation APIs. In addition to the 3D depth sensor, copious time of flight and bump sensors keep Misty II from bumping into things or falling down stairs.

Personality Engine

The Misty II isn’t just a hunk of metal. We’ve enabled her with patent-pending personality technology that extends the boundaries of how robots exhibit personality. Our personality engine enables rich and often stochastic emotional responses from the eyes (LCD screen), mouth (speakers) and appendages (arms and drive train). Experiment with how to make Misty cranky, or super friendly or security-patrol-guard-stern.

Stable Platform & Locomotion

You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes getting the robot to move. We make it simple so you can move on to more interesting tasks. Quiet motors make for a pleasant office or home experience.

Remote Viewing

Misty II will provide the ability to stream video from the 4K camera over WiFi.


The Misty II knows when she’s running low on energy and needs a nap, seeking out its charging station. While she’s charging she might use that time to connect to the cloud to post-process your machine learning training data or prepare to execute her next skill. Using wireless resonance charging, the Misty II need only get within a few inches of accuracy to the underlying charging pad; no exact science needed.


Misty II will be able to read words on a computer or other digital device and convert them into “spoken” audio.

Hardware expansion, built in

Backpack Accessory

Magnetized backpack with USB and serial ports. Arduino Backback shown at left, sold separately.

Headpiece Attachment

A magnetized connector on Misty’s head accepts additional accessories.

Removable Arms

Misty’s emotive arms can be removed and replaced with your creations.

Trailer Hitch

Tow things around via the included hitch port.

Extend Misty with your own skills

Write JavaScript, run on robot

You don’t need to learn any obscure languages. Use JavaScript or one of the growing number of wrappers.

Create with blocks

Start with a visual, block-based interface (Blockly) to operate the robot or generate code. Great for learning to programming!

Make your own backpacks

Arduino (as shown above), Raspberry PI, really anything that can interface to USB or serial ports could be worn by Misty.

Download and remix skills

You don’t have to write everything from scratch. Download shared skills and riff off them.

Tech specs and what's in the box



STRUCTURE CORE 3D Depth Sensor by Occiptal
   2 Stereo IR Cameras
   1 Low-Res Fisheye Camera
   IMU and a Diffuse Laser

13MP Still / 4K Video Camera

4.3” LCD

2 Hi-Fi Speakers + Bass Port

Beam-Forming Far-Field Microphone Array (3 mics)

Snapdragon 410 (APQ8016)
   8 GB Flash Storage
820 (APQ8096)
   32 GB Flash Storage

Lithium Ion 5200mAh, 8.4 Volt


4 Time of Flight Sensors
4 Edge Detection Sensors
6 Bump Sensors

9 DoF IMU:
   3-Axis Gyroscope
   3-Axis Accelerometer
   3-Axis Magnetometer

6x Capacitive Touch Sensors
   4 on top
   1 in handle
   1 on chin

USB & Serial Ports with Magnetized Backpack

Detachable Arms

Magnetized Headpiece

Trailer Hitch (Towing)

Programmable LEDs
   1 RGB in chest
   1 White Flashlight on Head

Non-Programmable LEDs
   1 Blue on Head


Windows IoT Core™ (Main)
Android™ 7 (Navigation/CV)

On-board SDK to enable commands for control and autonomous skills.

WIFI 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless short distance connectivity with devices and accessories


In the box

Misty II Robot
Self-Charging Mat
Power Adapter
QuickStart Guide
Desk Stand Box


HEIGHT: 35.56 cm / 14 in
DEPTH: 25.4 cm / 10 in
WIDTH: 20.32 cm / 8 in

2.7 kg / 6 lbs

Misty II

Will the price permanently include tariffs?
That depends on whether the US decides to eliminate the tariffs or not -- if they're eliminated the price will no longer include the tariff.
Are crowdfunding orders or those placed prior to Oct. 12th going to be charged the tariff?
What happens if you sell out of Misty II robots; why only 1,500?
We’ve estimated the number of Misty II’s we believe we can manufacture and deliver within our estimated shipping timeframes, and this is factored into our backer levels.
Where is Misty II made?
Misty II is made at our manufacturing partner’s facility in China.
How did you determine this price?

The MSRP of $3200 is based on the cost and value of the advanced features and capabilities of the robot. This is discounted by 50% for the crowdfunding offering to $1,599.


Misty I Developer Edition

How is Misty II different from Misty I?
Misty I and Misty II are both designed for developers and share a great deal of electronics, motors, and capabilities. With the Misty II we are adding bump sensors, personality, USB expansion port, self-charging, detachable arms, detachable headpiece, skill sharing, a longer battery life, and decorative wraps.
If I purchase the Get Started Now bundle for $2,499, can I keep my Misty I?
No. And...yes. If you really want the Misty I, you can pay an additional $500. Because the components of the Misty I and Misty II are exceedingly expensive, the only way we can afford to offer the bundle for $2,499 is if we’re able to receive the Misty I back and recycle key components. Be aware though, that we will not provide software updates for the Misty I after we’ve shipped all of the Misty II's that are part of the Getting Started bundle.
If it’s too “prototype-y” for me, can I return it?
Yes. you can return the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot within the first 30 days after purchase and with a $50 restocking fee.
Why is Misty I Developer Edition called a “prototype robot”?
For three reasons. 1) it’s a prototype; it’s not a fully-formed designed-for-manufacturing product like the Misty II; 2) to communicate to its few owners the non-production nature of the robot - it’s far from complete; and 3) it’s filled with fragility both physically and in software (lots of alpha and beta software inside!)
How many Misty I Developer Editions will you create and sell?
No more than 100. And even 100 is pushing it. We will stop selling these when we think the feedback and improvement cycle for the Misty I has run its course and we are shipping the Misty II.