Misty I Developer Edition Prototype Robot

For us, the Misty I Developer Edition Prototype Robot is all about the journey and we hope it's that way for you. In fact, if it's not the reason you're interested in buying a Misty I, we'd strongly suggest you think about delaying your decision and wait for the Misty II.

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With Misty I You Get

Stable Platform & Locomotion — You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes getting the robot to move. We make it simple so you can move on to more interesting tasks.

Mapping & Obstacle Avoidance —We’ve got one of the best active depth sensors available to generate an accurate floor plan of your space. In only a few lines of code you can then program your robot to go to a specific location in that map or annotate points of interest.

Computer Vision — In addition to mapping we give you computer vision tools like face tracking and face recognition. Much more is on the roadmap and will be added with future software updates.

Far-Field Microphones & Speaker System — Like what’s in a (stationary) Amazon Echo. Just imagine what you can do when it’s in your robot!

Visual Display — A 4.3" LCD allows your Misty I to convey personality or display whatever data or image you like.

Highly Expandable — Both from a software and hardware perspective. With USB and serial interfaces on the back of the robot you can add additional sensors or even actuators like a gripper.

Easily Programmed in Javascript and Blockly— It was very important to make the Misty I accessible to anyone, even people who don’t know anything about hardware. We’ve leveraged our experience in designing the Sphero SPRK experience to make Misty I easy enough that a child can program it, but then added the features that allow an adult programmer to do things they never thought would be possible using locomotion, mapping, computer vision, and voice interaction.