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Misty II

An advanced personal robot with professional grade sensors that you can code with the languages you already know -- or even with a visual block programming interface. There hasn't been a robot like this before at this price.

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I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by robots."

— Ian Bernstein

Misty I Developer Edition Robot

Want to get started today? We're hand-building the Misty I. It's a robot, designed for those who want to start programming a robot-working closely with the Misty Engineering team-ASAP.

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Misty II

Will the price permanently include tariffs?
That depends on whether the US decides to eliminate the tariffs or not -- if they're eliminated the price will no longer include the tariff.
Are crowdfunding orders or those placed prior to Oct. 12th going to be charged the tariff?
What happens if you sell out of Misty II robots; why only 1,500?
We’ve estimated the number of Misty II’s we believe we can manufacture and deliver within our estimated shipping timeframes, and this is factored into our backer levels.
Where is Misty II made?
Misty II is made at our manufacturing partner’s facility in China.
How did you determine this price?

The MSRP of $3200 is based on the cost and value of the advanced features and capabilities of the robot. This is discounted by 50% for the crowdfunding offering to $1,599.


Misty I Developer Edition

How is Misty II different from Misty I?
Misty I and Misty II are both designed for developers and share a great deal of electronics, motors, and capabilities. With the Misty II we are adding bump sensors, personality, USB expansion port, self-charging, detachable arms, detachable headpiece, skill sharing, a longer battery life, and decorative wraps.
If I purchase the Get Started Now bundle for $2,499, can I keep my Misty I?
No. And...yes. If you really want the Misty I, you can pay an additional $500. Because the components of the Misty I and Misty II are exceedingly expensive, the only way we can afford to offer the bundle for $2,499 is if we’re able to receive the Misty I back and recycle key components. Be aware though, that we will not provide software updates for the Misty I after we’ve shipped all of the Misty II's that are part of the Getting Started bundle.
If it’s too “prototype-y” for me, can I return it?
Yes. you can return the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot within the first 30 days after purchase and with a $50 restocking fee.
Why is Misty I Developer Edition called a “prototype robot”?
For three reasons. 1) it’s a prototype; it’s not a fully-formed designed-for-manufacturing product like the Misty II; 2) to communicate to its few owners the non-production nature of the robot - it’s far from complete; and 3) it’s filled with fragility both physically and in software (lots of alpha and beta software inside!)
How many Misty I Developer Editions will you create and sell?
No more than 100. And even 100 is pushing it. We will stop selling these when we think the feedback and improvement cycle for the Misty I has run its course and we are shipping the Misty II.