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Misty II Skills
PropTech FCM
Misty II is put to work to remotely control connected products, devices, and systems, including connecting to the facilities management team to report building issues.

Concierge Services
In this role, she can go by many names – Smart Butler, Digital Concierge, Smart Receptionist. Misty II has the skills to take orders, provide information, answer frequently asked questions, and connect with a live agent.

Visitor Access
Misty II has the personality to be a frontline ambassador. As your new visitor access employee, she is ready to pre-register visitors, provide building access control, do automated temperature checks and call her friendly human when help is needed.

Customer Ordering
Need a little help in managing customers and/or guests? In this role, Misty II is your favorite Barbot, Foodbot, or Orderbot. She is ready to share menus, take orders, and announce when orders are ready. Check out the demo video.

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UIB makes human to machine (H2M) communications simple. They build AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, and unified chat solutions (including conversational interfaces) for customer service, e-commerce, facilities management, and smart home device manufacturers. UIB provides both on-premise and cloud-based, SaaS implementations.
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