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Misty II Skills
Meet Misty II as an integrated health and wellness solution designed to help people live easier, happier & safer lives.  This use case combines Misty II  and MediKit for Misty II.  This solution is geared toward the needs of the disabled and elderly.  Florence acts as a companion and first stage care assistant.

Misty II Hardware Add-ons
BluTrack for Misty II
Misty II has a world to explore.  R4 has built an all-terrain track allowing Misty to explore on any surface.

Trunk for Misty II
R4 Robotics has built a multipurpose storage backpack featuring magnetic locks and open-door detection.  Misty II is ready to work.

MediKit for Misty
The R4 Robotics offers the intelligent first aid kit with monitored pill dispensing, epipen holder, basic first aid kit & vital sign checks for management of short and long term health conditions.  Misty II is set to help in emergencies. 

About R4 Robotics
R4 Robotics is an innovative robotics solutions company located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  We create ready-to-use, customisable & bespoke solutions to solve real-world challenges, built on a curated range of in-house designed and third-party robotics hardware platforms.

For More Information
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