Misty Solution Hub

Looking for a Ready-to-Go Skill or Service Partner?

You’ll find them here. Misty’s Solution Hub is the connection point between partners offering skills and services with organizations looking to put Misty II to work in useful assignments in businesses, schools and homes. It’s a resource for those that see useful assignments for Misty but don’t have the developers or time to build or prefer to run with pre-built skills. 

Solution Hub Members

fine arts miracles logo

Fine Art Miracles, Inc.

PEERbot Learning – Robot-assisted Social Skills for Early Learners
Misty II in this use case reduces inhibition while igniting communication and relationship skills, in children who are typically developing and those with challenges. She serves as a peer to practice social skills and foster joint attention with very early learners. Our goal is to offer a level playing field to all children as their academic careers progress.

Movia Robotics, Inc.

Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI)
Misty II is put to work to facilitate robot-assisted instruction. The MOVIA RAI system + Misty II delivers Life Skills, Daily Living, Learning Readiness and Academic content to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs. Studies have shown that children with ASD consider robots, such as Misty II, as peers or social entities. Through leveraging the social relationship between Misty II and the child, we can teach the child more quickly and more effectively than through traditional means.
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Unicast Robotics, Inc.

Corporate Reception for Misty
Misty II + Unicast’s corporate reception application enables businesses to streamline reception activities. In this use case she can handle reception activities without a human including:
  • Proactively greeting customers with customized phrases
  • Remembering repeat visitors and simplifying their check-in process
  • Sending a notification to an employee when their guest arrives
  • Automatically recording visitor history
  • Working with external devices, such as smart locks, to enable guest entry

Saltó Group

In this use case, Misty II augments the human care providers that visit those aging in place. Her role is to ask questions about their daily habits e.g. sleep quality, medication taking, diet, and personal hygiene, providing needed insights to the care team behind the scenes. In doing this Misty is also providing companionship, which helps address loneliness, a critical problem with the elderly. Misty’s video capability will also provide the means for the person she is supporting to get in touch with health services. This remote access extends caregiver resources, allowing them to check in more frequently than what is possible via in home visits.
salto intelligent technology logo
robo solucio logo

RoboSolucio, LLC

Virus and Fall Detection for Elders and Families
Misty II serves as part of the care team, protecting seniors and their families. Her skills in this use case include the detection of symptoms related to COVID-19 prior to individuals entering senior, assisted living or nursing homes. She also monitors residents for safety and falls, calling for immediate help to prevent deteriorating conditions.

R4 Robotics

Meet Misty II as an integrated health and wellness solution designed to help people live easier, happier & safer lives. This use case combines Misty II and MediKit for Misty II. This solution is geared toward the needs of the disabled and elderly. Florence acts as a companion and first stage care assistant.
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Services Partners

fresh consulting logo

Fresh Consulting, LLC

Fresh is an integrated consulting team of designers, developers, and engineers that builds fresh experiences people love. Powered by our design-led innovation process we deliver end-to-end experiences to help businesses grow. From creative brands and websites to intuitive apps and systems to digital hardware and robots, we work with you from strategy to execution to create what’s next.

SolderWorks, LLC

SolderWorks is an innovation lab that provides comprehensive engineering services. We craft state-of-the-art technology solutions ranging from small hardware devices to large software platforms. Our personal, yet direct approach enables us to consistently provide tangible value for customers of all sizes. SolderWorks is the place where tomorrow’s innovations are created.
solderworks logo
techtonic group logo

Techtonic Group International

Founded in 2006, Techtonic is the premier partner for developing onshore, product-driven software solutions. In 2012, we pioneered a way to close the talent gap by creating the Techtonic Apprenticeship, a fully accredited software development program registered by the United States Department of Labor. Our Development, Testing and Product Management teams lead the way by working in an agile environment that is iterative and highly collaborative. When it comes to sourcing premium software developers, we’re nothing short of pioneers. The highly selective Techtonic Apprenticeship offers clients a new and innovative way to source, educate and hire top-tier software developers.


ValueScape is a data science company providing mobile applications, social media outreach and advanced analytics, predominantly focused on the housing market but with a large development team working on custom data science and artificial intelligence applications. ValueScape has been a Misty Robotics customer and reseller since 2018 and has built several Misty applications internally within their customization team.
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UIB Logo


UIB makes human to machine (H2M) communications simple. We innovate and build Unified Communications (UC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) platform technologies. Owning the entire, IP-protected Messaging + AI + IoT technology stack, all of our intelligence and data can be hosted on-premise and/or in the cloud. UIB customers can use natural language text and voice on 30+ platforms (including social media chat and messaging apps, smart speakers, VirtualHumans™, and robots); on any underlying AI/API (including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and open-source NLP/NLU and voice recognition platforms); with complete control, ownership, and access of content, context, and conversational data and analytics.

Want to Bring Your Skills or Services to the Solution Hub?

We are ready to help. At Misty Robotics we see developers and partners as the key to accomplishing our vision of a robot in every business, home, and school. Through our platform robot approach we are working to open up new opportunities for robots to take on a wide range of useful assignments. Partners can  benefit not only from the skill or services revenue they drive but also reselling Misty II as a part of the full solution (Misty II is available to partners at a discount). Let’s make this market happen together.

Put Misty to Work Against COVID-19

Misty II is expandable via third party hardware.  Equip her with a sensor for checking human temperature and she is ready to roll (literally) as a health check monitor.  Using her voice integration capability, she can be readied for answering key questions and updating your information system on people entering the facility.  With the help of face recognition, Misty can personalize the experience, recognizing registered people as they check in, adding a littler Misty personality to the interaction.  And you can take it a step further using third party API integrations to have Misty send a message about the person coming in or even control door mechanisms based on whether someone is cleared to come in or not.

Community Projects

** For us this is about connecting people with a need with those who can help. Misty Robotics is not sharing in the skill or service revenue driven by the Solution Hub. The Misty Solution Hub is provided as a service to the Misty Community. The skills and services provided by members are not guaranteed by Misty Robotics.