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Misty Robotics Selects Microsoft’s .NET Core for Its Robot Platform and Tools

Misty Robotics Announces the New Misty II Personal Robot

Misty Robotics Announces the Misty I Developer Edition Prototype Robot and Platform to Enable a Community of Co-Creators

Sphero announces Misty Robotics, a spin-out company focused on building autonomous robots

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Misty Robotics chooses Microsoft’s .NET Core for its robot developer platform

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Get Ready for National Robotics Week


Misty II, a Robotics Platform for Developers

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10 Best Companies to Work for in Boulder

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Meet Misty II: The Robot As a Platform, Not a Tool


Misty’s adorable robotics platform ships in April for $2,399


The cute, programmable Misty II robot is $800 cheaper than we thought

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CES 2019: The Misty II Programmable Robot Ships in April for $2,400


This Robot Doesn’t Care If You Want to Buy It, But Maybe That’s Why It’ll Succeed

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Sphero spin-off's Misty II robot is now available for pre-order


Sphero spin-off's Misty II robot is now available for pre-order


Misty is crowdfunding its personal robot


Misty II robot is coming in December

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Misty Robotics Builds on Developer Platform With New Personal Robot

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Meet Misty: Your personal assistant robot

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Sphero spin-off Misty Robotics unveils 2nd-gen robot for developers


How Misty Plans To Build The Most Personable, Programmable Robot Ever


Misty I is a robot for developers, not roboticists

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Three Things Robots Need to Be Your Ideal Home Companion

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Sphero spin-off Misty Robotics unveils its first robot for developers


Misty Robotics' home robot brings the far-off future to CES 2018


Sphero spinoff Misty Robotics gets $11.5 million to create a mainstream robot for the home


Misty Robotics Raises $11.5 Million To Put Robots In Every Home


Beyond BB-8: Why Toymaker Sphero Is Launching An Autonomous Home Robot Company

Boulder-based BB-8 maker Sphero splits into two companies, pursuing its goal to put "a robot in every home”


Sphero makes cool toys. Can its offshoot make cool robots?


Toy maker Sphero is starting a new company to put advanced robots in the home

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