Our mission is to bring a personal robot into every business and home. What’s yours?

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Our Values






Get Shit Done



What does that look like?

Agile methodologies. Small teams. Open discussion. Silliness. Experimentation.

Where We're Going

We’re on a journey to make that dream of a personal robot for everyone a reality. Creating the world’s best robot development platform is the start. We’re a quality-obsessed team of hardware and software engineers, roboticists, product visionaries, AI experts, designers, and other creative types.

We work and play in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. And we’d like you to join us.

Being part of a startup in one of the most cutting-edge fields of the 21st century is for everyone.

We believe that diversity is a powerful driver of innovation, problem solving, and brainstorming. Diversity at Misty Robotics means a conscious desire to build a company that includes a mix of sexes, races, religions, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and world views. Diversity at Misty Robotics also means fostering an environment where everyone is safe to practice and celebrate their beliefs.

Our investors have a public and firm stance on diversity as well and have a “zero tolerance policy” for environments that discriminate.