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Be a part of the journey

How will you use a Misty Robotics robot?

If you could program an advanced robot in 30 min, would you?

Make the dream a reality.

We need inventors, tinkerers, and hackers. Artists, designers, and leaders. Computer vision experts and electrical engineers. CS degrees, PhDs, and real world experience degrees. And more important than all the degrees in the world–we need passion.

Yes, Boulder is a nice place, and yes, we have an amazing work environment. With great healthcare, free snacks, reasonable hours, very competitive compensation, and all the other nice perks that you can find at most tech companies, but that’s not what is going to get the best of the best to join our mission.

It’s an uncompromising desire to make this vision a reality. And to make this vision your vision.

Sound like your kind of job? Good.

Send us your cv and videos, photos, links, or other material of your favorite invention or work to (jobs@mistyrobotics.com). And we’ll see you in Boulder soon.