Our mission is to bring a personal robot into every business and home. What’s yours?

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What does that look like?

Agile methodologies. Small teams. Open discussion. Silliness. Experimentation.

Where We're Going

We’re on a journey to make that dream of a personal robot for everyone a reality. Creating the world’s best robot development platform is the start. We’re a quality-obsessed team of hardware and software engineers, roboticists, product visionaries, AI experts, designers, and other creative types.

We work and play in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. And we’d like you to join us.

Meet Some of Our Team


Sridhar Cuddalore Parthasarathy

Robotics Prototype Engineer


Daria Opekunova

Education Partnership Manager


Justin Woo

Developer Advocate


Erin Connolly

Software Engineer I

Being part of a startup in one of the most cutting-edge fields of the 21st century is for everyone.

We believe that diversity is a powerful driver of innovation, problem solving, and brainstorming. Diversity at Misty Robotics means a conscious desire to build a company that includes a mix of sexes, races, religions, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and world views. Diversity at Misty Robotics also means fostering an environment where everyone is safe to practice and celebrate their beliefs.

Our investors have a public and firm stance on diversity as well and have a “zero tolerance policy” for environments that discriminate.


Job Postings

This all sound good? If you’re a fit for one of our current openings, we’d like to get to know you better.

If you don’t see an opening that fits but would like to pass your résumé along anyway, that’s fine, too!

Sridhar Cuddalore Parthasarathy

Robotics Prototype Engineer

It’s very rare to find roboticists focusing on the element of human interaction.

Everyone at Misty have a passion for what they do. And with an open work floor (no cubicles), the CEO, founder, and heads of departments are always approachable.

The location… Boulder is a rare mix of nature and tech together.

I get to explore areas of engineering that I’d not already explored, and people encourage me to try new things/methods all the time. There’ve been days where I didn’t even realize that it was midnight. My career/personal growth after I joined Misty has been steep, and I’m really glad about it.

Daria Opekunova

Education Partnership Manager

What attracted me to Misty Robotics was the great team and its culture and the opportunity to play a role in the transformation of our world.

I love the endless learning opportunities here at Misty, and the continuous potential for growth, personally and professionally, on so many different levels.

It’s very rewarding that I’m a part of educating students and teachers, giving them the opportunity to experience the newest tech and enabling them to imagine what is possible. I hope that products like Misty will attract more girls into STREAM, allowing new generations to create amazing things and helping them learn quickly and become very successful.

Justin Woo

Developer Advocate

I wanted to work at a company that has a track record of shipping a physical product. The fact that we spun out of Sphero and have experience and ties back there really drew me in.

Misty understands and values 3rd party developers. We are a developer platform first and not a consumer device. I love that! I believe that developers can really build amazing things and change the world if we empower them with amazing tools – like Misty!

Whenever I tell people that I work for a company that builds robots I immediately get a “That’s SO cool!” response. I get to work with smart, passionate people and work with cool/exciting hardware. It’s very rare that you’re able to work at a company where you can learn so many different skills – hardware, manufacturing, audio engineering, electrical engineering… the list goes on.

There’s only a handful of people who have experience in the robotics industry (in the world) and Misty has given me an opportunity to really solidify my career in robotics.

Erin Connolly

Software Engineer I

The most exciting thing is working in an environment where people stretch themselves and expect me to do the same. I felt that working with an A-level team would accelerate my development as a software engineer. It’s super inspiring to see people transform unknowns into knowns, and make really impressive stuff happen.

Working at Misty is providing me exposure to multiple design patterns and programming languages, hands-on experience building an API from the ground up, a deep understanding of how software interfaces with hardware and sensors, a front-row seat to the startup lifecycle, the opportunity to learn native app development. And Friday lunches.