Misty II is the First Professional-Grade Platform Robot

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Platform Robots are the Missing Link

Platform robots are the missing link to accelerating the robot market, opening the door for all developers and companies that employ them. Misty II is taking down existing barriers to entry – knowledge & cost of robotics.

Misty II enables the global community of 23M+ developers (and those who employ them) to now build for and compete in the personal, service, healthcare, education, retail and entertainment robot markets. Platform robots are the missing link in the availability of robots to do a multitude of useful assignments.

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Misty II Developers are Actively Building

Early developers for Misty II are actively building, learning and bringing their skills (robot applications) to life. They are leveraging her unique properties as a platform robot to place her in assignments that are high value and give her an integrated role in business, personal life, research, and education.

A Robot in Every Office and Home

Misty Robotics believes in the role and positive impact robots can have in our lives including freeing people from the mundane, empowering businesses to focus on new experiences and opportunities, filling critical societal gaps and accelerating learning.
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