Comfortable with code?
Meet your new teaching partner.

Not a Toy. Not a Kit.

Misty is both completely approachable and technically sophisticated, and she brings the power of a real robot development platform to education.

Misty is a learning platform for teens, offering a range of educational opportunities

With Misty, students learn with hands-on activities and seeing their creations come to life, keeping them motivated and engaged. As a single development platform with a multitude of capabilities, Misty provides learning scalability. From 3D-printing attachments to experiments with facial recognition to coding skills to Arduino, Misty is flexible and engaging for students of all interests.

Watch excitement about robots turn into a passion for programming and learning about technologies that are transforming our world. Working with Misty stimulates creative thinking, provides preparedness for technological change, develops determination through deepening challenges, cultivates teamwork, and enables fun.

STEM students

See Real Time Impact in University Studies and Research

With Misty discovery moves from the hypothetical to the physical world. She can serve as an agent to drive connectivity in HRI studies and research work in areas such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, and aging-in-place. Misty increases the level of the game in terms of seeing impact real time.

Misty serves as a vehicle for learning computer science constructs with robots vs. laptops. She offers opportunities to engage with cutting edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

As a platform for developers, Misty is highly accessible enabling students and faculty to focus on their areas of interest. The team can operate without the burden of building their own robots.

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