Misty II is for the classroom

From block programming to JavaScript, from Arduino to CAD-ing, Misty II has got your students covered.

Are your kids tired of putting together the same robots over and over?

Are they doing FIRST robotics clubs, but frustrated because they don’t have a chance to explore the coding side of robots more deeply?

They’ve done about all they can do with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®?

Are they ready to move on to programming a pre-built robot with advanced abilities?

We’ve been using other robots in our freshman course for a few years and very excited to include Misty who is a more capable, more programmable robot, for the bachelor of innovation students across 20 different fields. And with the Arduino backpack, students from the engineering college can also add a wide range of sensing and controllable items.

Terry Boult, Professor at CU Colorado Springs
stem block
With Misty II, students can explore:

  • face/object detection and recognition
  • computer mapping and navigation
  • human-computer interaction (How can you make Misty express joy or curiosity?)
  • remote viewing and communication
  • Arduino accessories
  • and more…

Read more in this recent blog post: Six reasons why Misty II is perfect for education

We’ve got teens attending our robothons and actively taking part in our developer community. Your students are welcome, too.

Misty Robotics was spun off of Sphero in 2017 to focus on making great personal robots, but we’ve not forgotten our educational past. Misty II and Sphero SPRK+ work great together, and we’ve got special pricing on packages that include both.


It’s about time a company made an educational robot that did more than the basics. Teachers want platforms that engage, where imaginations can run wild. Sensors are cheap these days, so a lot of educational robots are getting cameras and more. But doing anything interesting with them out of the box? No way.

Tim Enwall, Misty Robotics CEO

Special Offers to Educators

We know that having a sophisticated, powerful robot in the classroom will accelerate learning in robotics and want to offer Misty as an option for educators and STEM groups; to that end, we are offering a special referral program as well as quantity discounts and the ability to pay via PO to educators and STEM groups. Here are the details. Chat with anyone on our website, and we’ll help you set up your order.

Quantity discounts:

  • Discount of $300 per robot on orders from 3 to 9 robots
  • Discount of $400 per robot on orders from 10 to 20 robots
  • Want more than 20 robots? Email us at info@mistyrobotics.com

Educator Referral bonus:

Each referral from a qualified educator or STEM group leader will pay out $300 per person referred (and the person referred gets $200 off their robot).

Get started today:

While you wait for Misty II we can get the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot into the classroom ASAP at a special price of $900 per robot.

Purchase order plan:

Does our campaign not align with your budget cycle? Reserve your robots and then email us with your order number and we will make arrangements for a PO.