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Security Guard

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Fire Monitor

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One Part Hardware, One Part Software, Packed with Technology

She may look cute and approachable from the outside, but on the inside, Misty is all business.


Misty is packed with sophisticated hardware and software features that contribute to her ruggedness and extensibility as a platform.

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon 820™ mobile processor
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon 410™ processor

Computer Vision

  • Occipital Structure Core depth sensors for 3D maps
  • 166° diagonal field of view wide-angle Structure Core camera (106° horizontal x 60° vertical)
  • 4K camera
  • Facial recognition
  • Deep-learning AI using Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine
  • 3 far-field microphones using Qualcomm® Fluence PRO
  • 2 high-fidelity speakers with engineered sound box and bass port
  • 6 capacitive touch sensors on head and chin
Distance and Obstacle Detection
  • 8 IR-based time-of-flight sensors (3 forward, 1 rear, 4 edge/downward)
  • 10 bump sensors (3 tied in parallel on each front corner, 2 tied in parallel on each rear corner)
  • Patent-pending 3-degree of freedom neck
  • Easily customizable moving arms
  • Sturdy track-driving tread system
  • Trailer hitch to pull a payload
Display & Light
  • 4” LCD image display/screen
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Multi-color LED chest light
    • 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi connection
    • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities
    • USB/Serial-connected backpack for hardware expansion
    • Arduino backpack (optional)
    • Magnetic helmet connection point
    Operating Systems
    • Windows IoT Core™ (Main)
    • Android™ 8 (navigation/computer vision)
    Development Tools
    • JavaScript SDK
    • REST, JavaScript, and Python remote command interfaces
    • Perception Engine (After 1H 2019)
    • C# and Python (After 1H 2019) SDKs
    • Documentation, sample code, and tutorials

    Feature Peeks



    Autonomously move about a room avoiding obstacles


    Detect and recognize people with an expansive field of view



    Respond to touch on her head or chin


    Change Misty’s arms, add a trailer, and more



    Misty is naturally talented. Packed with capabilities out of the box, you can start building skills immediately.


    Robust Locomotion
    She cruises around on her own or wherever you direct her to go.

    Obstacle Avoidance
    She knows when there is something in her path, from the cat to a flight of stairs.

    3D Mapping/SLAM
    She can map a room, resulting in detailed 3D maps.

    Hardware Extensibility
    You can extend her functionality via third party components, e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi hardware, and sensors.

    Physical Expandability via 3D Printing
    You can expand her physical form via 3D printed accessories, e.g. custom arms, things she might tow from her tow hook, and costumes.
    Building for Misty

    Programmable Personality
    You can bring personality to Misty and her skills, through her body/head movement, eyes, sounds and voice (via third party integration).

    Easily Programmed
    Her tools and documentation make it easy to bring your ideas to life on Misty.

    Video Capture
    She can take and share videos.

    Remote Video Streaming
    She can share the world as she is seeing it.

    Object and Animal Detection and Recognition
    She knows when there is an object or animal in her presence and can discern what it is.


    Misty II

    +6 Months


    Interaction (now)

    Face Detection and Recognition – She knows when there is a human in her presence and can learn who that person is.

    Wake Word Event – She can be activated via “Hey, Misty”, enabling follow-on directions.

    Sound Localization – She is able to identify the direction of and turn towards her human upon receiving directions after her activation.

    Audio Recording – She can record audio for use in a skill or saving offline.

    Audio Playback – She can play back audio files as a part of a skill.

    Capacitive Touch – She can respond to human touch on her head and chin.

    Image and Graphic Display – She can share images and graphics on her face/screen.

    Photo Capture – She can snap and share photos one at a time or sequentially.

    Expansive Field of View – She can view wide areas from a stationary position.
    Interaction (to come)

    Face Detection and Recognition – Person tracking. (2019)

    Audio Streaming – She can stream audio that originates from a cloud service. (2019)

    Voice Integration – You can bring a voice to Misty by integrating with your choice of third party NLP or TTS provider. (2019 Pre-built NLP Integration w/Alexa)

    Spatial Awareness – She knows where her body is in space (e.g. arms vs. head) and how she’s angled. (2019)

    Auto Charging – She knows where home is and can take herself there when in need of a little electricity. (2019)

    3D Mapping/SLAM – You can use path planning, map cleanup, map presentation, labeling/annotation. (2019)

    In a world that runs on software, your robot’s capabilities grow all the time. With her frequent OTA updates, Misty is continuously improving software on treads.

    Have ideas for future features Misty should have or functionality she should support? Don’t just check out Misty’s Roadmap—influence it with your ideas!

    Make Misty More

    Misty is not just an amazing piece of tech on her own—she’s designed for easy hardware modification with her many attachment points.

    acc back
    backpack 3


    Misty’s basic “backpack” allows expandability via USB and serial. The Arduino Backpack (sold separately) turns Misty into a robotic base for your Maker imagination.


    Headpiece Attachment

    A magnetized connection point on the side of Misty’s head allows you to easily attach additional accessories.

    acc front
    arm 1

    Customizable Arms

    Misty’s emotive arms can be removed and replaced with creations you 3D print or build.


    Trailer Hitch

    Into the trailer lifestyle? Misty is too. Just hook her up via her built-in hitch port, and she’ll tow the (reasonably weighted) trailer of your choice.

    Dimensions… Sized for Real Work

    ortho lines

    In the Box


    Misty II Robot


    Charging Mat


    Power Cable (Mat)


    Desk Stand Box


    Quick Start Guide

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