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Misty’s SDKs are designed for easy access to powerful features

Misty’s SDKs allow you to quickly build skills that make use of the unique characteristics of an autonomous, roaming robot with programmable personality.

Misty’s SDKs provide tools that make development easy:

Misty’s SDKs were designed to let you easily build skills for Misty, interact with her and learn more about her capabilities. Her SDKs include Command Center, Skill Runner and API Explorer.

sdk command

Command Center

Command Center lets you easily send commands to Misty. No code needed here. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Once connected, you can experiment with Misty’s functionality by interacting with different elements of the Command Center.

API Explorer

You can use Misty’s API Explorer to browse Misty’s REST API endpoints, send requests to Misty, experiment with different parameters, and generate code samples for Misty’s REST API and on-robot JavaScript API.
sdk api
sdk skill

Skill Runner

Skill Runner lets you to install, run, and manage skills on Misty. Simply Upload your skill and click start! Misty will then execute your code.

To aid in skill development, you can use the Misty Skills extension for Visual Studio Code. This extension provides a list of the available methods in Misty’s on-robot JavaScript API. It offers auto-complete, tabbed parameter entry, and information about each method. It also provides basic commands for uploading, running, and stopping skills on Misty from within the Visual Studio Code editor.

How does this all work?

You use Misty’s SDKs to write her skills

equation or

How do you architect a skill?


Take some of Misty's sensory input


Seeing, hearing, touching (and even smelling and tasting if you add on the right sensors)


Process it
on or off the robot


Misty is a very capable edge-computing device, but cloud services are just a call away


Have Misty do something in response


Drive to check out a sound, express amusement, take a photo, or anything you like

Show me a skill?

Here’s a very quick runnable example:

Misty II Application Templates

An Open Source Inititive

Put Misty to work quickly.  Misty II Application Templates provide developers with a great starting point for building out skills and broader use cases.  Each template provides the code to get started and an implementation guide. This is an open source initiative seeded by Misty Robotics.  Templates will be expanded, supported and maintained by the Misty developer community.

Misty II as a Concierge

The concierge template leverages Misty’s ability to detect humans in her presence, localize to their location, greet them and let them know how she can help and provide responses to their questions leveraging your integration to a third party database. Developers can extend the core information sharing skill with other capabilities like reservations and orders integrating with a point of sale system or call for assistance integrating with communication APIs. 

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