We’ve built an advanced, open robot that invites programmers to stop tinkering with mechanical details and start creating useful software together. We’re looking for makers of all skill levels to define how robots will enhance our lives. Join the Misty community and help create what’s next.
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The Misty Community: Join Us
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“I’m completely happy with it. It’s so exciting. I can write 10 lines of JavaScript and make my robot do something–go around the room, change its lights, flash its eyes, play an audio clip. I think it’s a ton of fun, and I’m so excited to get early access. To be involved at this early stage is super exciting.”


— Cameron, developer program member

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What makes a robot?
Domestic and office robots typically have some capability in one or more of: mobility, sensing, manipulation, expression, and information/data processing. The Misty robot has capabilities in all but manipulation (so far).
What's the vision for the Misty robot?
To put a personal robot in every home and office. See the Misty Robotics' 10-year plan blog post.
How long will your vision take to accomplish?
We believe this is a marathon, not a sprint. The personal robot market is nascent and will play out over many years - just as past major technologies have (computers, the Internet, wireless phones). We are at the forefront with the right experience from Sphero, the right team and investors behind us, and with a differentiated strategy to get there.
What's special about the Misty robot?
Misty is the first advanced multi-purpose, programmable robot for home and office which allows someone with basic programming skills to create thousands of skills and applications sold at a consumer price point.
So I don't have to be a roboticist to work with Misty?
No! Misty is the robot for every programmer. We aspire to put a robot in every home and office, and to make it programmable by people young and old with even basic tech skills. What's required is an imagination and a thirst to explore what robots could do for you.


What sorts of things are enabled by the Misty API Explorer?
The API Explorer is always evolving to best reflect the state of Misty's capabilities, however, you can always count on being able to test out Locomotion, Object Detection, Mapping, Computer Vision, Audio and Visual Inputs and Outputs, and Fart Sounds.
What can I do with the Misty Blockly client?
With the Misty Blockly app developers and non-developers can use use a block interface to chain together various functions in order to execute simple or complex code o their Misty robot. In many cases, Blockly is a good way to quickly test something and get some code generated as a reference—even for experienced developers.


Developer Program

If I'm accepted into the developer program do I get a free robot?
No. You do get a robot at a significant discount. The cost of the Misty I Developer Edition after 60% discount is $1499.
What's expected of me as a member of the developer program?
The primary responsibilities for developers in the program are to use the products and provide feedback on what is working well and could work better. Developing skills for Misty robots, integrating Misty into other systems, brainstorming, potential use cases, and participating in discussions on the Misty community site are additional examples of the sorts of things that are expected when gaining access to the program.
Is there a fee to participate in the developer program?
There is no fee to participate in the Developer Program, though you do have to buy a robot ($1499 after 60% discount).
What kind of developers are you targeting?
We are seeking any of the millions of web, mobile, or enterprise developers who dream of programming a robot but have never had a powerful, open, and affordable option. We're looking for people who can navigate a graphical tool (Blockly) or program in Javascript who also have the desire to be part of and share with the Misty community.
What is the benefit of joining the Misty Developers Community?
The benefit for joining is to participate in a community of like-minded inventors who dream of robots and what they can do. We'll have a variety of interesting conversations going about Misty and robots in general.