We’ve built an advanced, open robot that invites programmers to stop tinkering with mechanical details and start creating useful software together. We’re looking for makers of all skill levels to define how robots will enhance our lives. Join the Misty community and help create what’s next.
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“I’m completely happy with it. It’s so exciting. I can write 10 lines of JavaScript and make my robot do something–go around the room, change its lights, flash its eyes, play an audio clip. I think it’s a ton of fun, and I’m so excited to get early access. To be involved at this early stage is super exciting.”


— Cameron, developer program member

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What kind of SDK will you offer?
Misty II has an on-board SDK to enable commands for control and autonomous skills. Initially JavaScript is the primary language supported but additional wrappers have already been written and will continue to be created.
How do I see debug information for my robot skills?
The Misty APIs come with substantial error reporting information that’s available via the normal console for most common Javascript IDEs or the console available in most browsers. There is also debug and log information available in the Misty Companion App when working with the robot in the field.
What sorts of things are enabled by the Misty API Explorer?
The API Explorer is always evolving to best reflect the state of Misty's capabilities, however, you can always count on being able to test out Locomotion, Object Detection, Mapping, Computer Vision, Audio and Visual Inputs and Outputs, and Fart Sounds.
What can I do with the Misty Blockly client?
With the Misty Blockly app developers and non-developers can use use a block interface to chain together various functions in order to execute simple or complex code for their Misty robot. In many cases, Blockly is a good way to quickly test something and get some code generated as a reference—even for experienced developers.


How can I report an error or suggest a change in the documentation?
You can email us at help@mistyrobotics.com or even make the change yourself by tapping the EDIT button in the upper right and committing a fix on Github.
Where can I find the developer documentation?
The Misty Developer Docs can be found at docs.mistyrobotics.com and are available from the top nav under Developers.

Developer Program

How many people purchased the Misty I Developer Edition?
To date we’ve only provided the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robots to those selected to participate in the Misty Developer Program. Since these are all hand-made prototypes, we’ve been very selective with those we’ve chosen to partner with in this program. If you are interested in applying for this program, you may do so here: mistyrobotics.com/developers/apply.
When will I be able to buy a Misty I Developer Edition robot?
Now. But here’s the catch: buying a Misty I means applying for the Misty Developer Program. You can learn more about that program here.
If I'm accepted into the developer program do I get a free robot?
No. You do get a robot at a significant discount. The cost of the Misty I Developer Edition after discount is $1499.
What's expected of me as a member of the developer program?
The primary responsibilities for developers in the program are to use the products and provide feedback on what is working well and could work better. Developing skills for Misty robots, integrating Misty into other systems, brainstorming, potential use cases, and participating in discussions on the Misty community site are additional examples of the sorts of things that are expected when gaining access to the program.
Is there a fee to participate in the developer program?
There is no fee to participate in the Developer Program, though you do have to buy a robot ($1499 after discount).


Are you shipping internationally?
We have every intention to ship internationally to high-demand regions -- after we start shipping to customers in the US. If you reside internationally, you can order Misty II in the campaign with everyone else, but we will only charge your credit card when we’re confident we’re within 6 months of shipping to your country. At that time we will provide you with your custom shipping costs. The more successful our crowdfunding campaign is, the easier it will be for us to add some international countries earlier. It is highly unlikely we will be able to ship to every international country; we will watch where demand comes from and prioritize those regions first.
Are you concerned about privacy and safety?
Absolutely. Most of the user data -- in particular the video and audio data - is stored locally, without going to the cloud. Logging and various usage-oriented data is sent to the Misty Robotics cloud servers to improve the product. As time goes by, more and more usage and anonymized & aggregated data will be stored or processed in the cloud so that other robots can learn from each robot’s experiences. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure personally identifying information is obscured from us via 3rd party software providers such as Celery, Shopify and Auth0. We will NEVER share data with third parties without a customer’s explicit consent. We think of Misty as being a guest in our customer’s homes. We want to be the best possible guest we can.
What data does Misty Robotics bring back to its cloud servers?
We capture anonymous usage and error reports and diagnostic information necessary to understand the health of the robot. We never capture any personally identifiable information (PII), video, or audio data.
Who provides customer support?
Our engineers! We are firm believers that developers need other developers to report problems and work through their solutions. To begin with we want to learn as much as we can from our customers as rapidly as we can. What better way than from our developers to you? So… go a little easy on them from time to time; they’re not support professionals but by night they try to play one!
What are the hours of support?
For customer support, Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Mountain time. For developer support Monday through Friday 10am to 10pm and Saturday/Sunday 7am to 7pm.