We’ve built an advanced, open robot that invites programmers to stop tinkering with mechanical details and start creating useful software together. We’re looking for makers of all skill levels to define how robots will enhance our lives. Join the Misty community and help create what’s next.
Be Open
Share your proudest creations and your most puzzling conundrums.
Inspire Each Other
We believe in looking to each other for that spark, and using it to create what’s next.
It's Up to You
The future of robots is in our hands. Let’s go!
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Where's Misty?
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Why Misty?
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What's a Misty robot?
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Who's Misty?

Innovation has never been a solo effort—it requires dialogue, collective learning, a community. We’ve built the robot, and now it’s time for all of us to do something with it.

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