All development platforms should be this friendly

Misty’s SDK is designed for easy access to powerful features

Misty’s SDK allows you to quickly build skills that make use of the unique characteristics of an autonomous, roaming robot with personality.

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A platform for your creativity and experimentation, bringing apps to life in a robot format.

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A new world of development that changes how people experience and relate to technology through emotion and personality.

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Ability to write code for robots without training in robotics.

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Learning opportunities with the latest technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.

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An opportunity to engage in the rapidly growing economic potential of robots in businesses and homes.

How does this all work?

You use Misty’s SDK to write her skills


How do you architect a skill?


Take some of Misty's sensory input


Seeing, hearing, touching (and even smelling and tasting if you add on the right sensors)


Process it
on or off the robot


Misty is a very capable edge-computing device, but cloud services are just a call away


Have Misty do something in response


Drive to check out a sound, express amusement, take a photo, or anything you like

Show me a skill?

Here’s a very quick runnable example:

// Start driving
misty.DriveTime(10, 0, 10000);

// Register to know when Misty discovers objects at a given distance
misty.AddPropertyTest(“FrontTOF”, “SensorPosition”, “==”, “Center”,
misty.AddPropertyTest(“FrontTOF”, “DistanceInMeters”, “<=”, 0.2,
misty.RegisterEvent(“FrontTOF”, “TimeOfFlight”);

// When we find an object at the distance we want, do stuff!
function _FrontTOF(data) {
   // Store the data
   let frontTOF = data.PropertyTestResults[0].PropertyParent;
   // Log where the object was detected
   misty.Debug(“Distance: ” + frontTOF.DistanceInMeters);
   misty.Debug( “Sensor Position: ” + frontTOF.SensorPosition);
   // Take action
   misty.ChangeLED(255, 0, 0); // Red for stop

Misty’s SDK provides tools that make development easy:

  • • Visual Studio Code “Misty SDK” extension
  • • API Explorer
  • • Samples
  • • Powerful but simple JavaScript API
  • • Docs
  • • “Skill Runner” web interface

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