The Future Depends on Developers & Makers — Misty in Miami

Misty Robotics founder Ian Bernstein speaks at Misty’s first Maker Faire

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It’s safe to say that — if you’re crazy enough to build a consumer robot from the ground up — you’ve got making in your DNA. That’s us at Misty Robotics, and last month we finally got to show off that robot at an actual Maker Faire.

You never know who you’ll find at a Maker Faire…

It’s incredibly energizing to take Misty out into the community. Not only do people get excited to see her, but working at a robotics startup, you get tunnel vision. Your robot, your vision — day in, day out. Taking Misty out into the world means that we get to see her from your eyes.

One of our favorite answers at Maker Faire Miami 2018 to “what would you do with your robot” came from a gentleman who repairs HVAC systems. He discussed how there are many situations where he’d like to ensure the work that he did on a project truly resolved the problem. Leaving a robot at an office where he just repaired the air conditioner would enable him to check in on how the temperature fluctuates between rooms, and give him the peace of mind that he can react quickly to his clients’ needs.

Short on time? Experience Maker Faire Miami in 54 seconds flat…

Since we were on a university campus, we got the chance to engage with students and faculty. Multiple students asked if we would donate a Misty to them, but admitted that they would still be asking for one for Christmas/birthday gifts. One faculty member brought up the potential for Misty to help obtain environmental data, as they were hoping to reduce the amount of structural modifications needed to collect information. So, instead of putting cameras, motion sensors, or carbon monoxide detectors in every corner of their campus, they thought a mobile robot platform could monitor pedestrian traffic, energy usage in classrooms, and take other readings where having a physical presence might be useful.

We also chatted with a family of five that wanted to use Misty to remind their little ones to keep their floors clean. Their teenage daughter didn’t think much about this use case, but was really interested in being able to engage with their dog while away from home.

While there, our Founder Ian Bernstein had the privilege of sharing some thoughts on why he believes the future depends on developers and makers. Check out the slideshare and audio, and let us know what you think!

We think the future depends on developers and makers

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