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Misty prints a mugshot of your intruder

Taking Pictures

Welcome back! In Part 1 of Misty as a security guard, we learned how Misty uses facial recognition to detect unknown people in your space. Part 2 focused on Misty’s use of web services to communicate with IoT devices. So what’s left? In Part 3, we learn how security guard Misty photographs intruders and transforms their portraits with a Raspberry

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Misty sends an SMS to warn of an intruder

Sending External Requests

Welcome back! In Part 1, we: • looked at the three main capabilities Misty uses in her security guard skill• explored the tech behind Misty’s face recognition capabilities• learned how to code Misty to use face recognition in general and in her security guard skill So what’s next? In Part 2 of Misty as a security guard, we learn how Misty

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In the security guard skill, Misty sounds the alarm when she sees an intruder in the room.

Working with Face Recognition

Misty’s got a new job: security guard. Misty loves to be helpful, and this job combines a few of her different capabilities into a single working skill. When the skill runs, Misty activates face recognition and scans the environment for strangers. If Misty sees an unknown face, she calls out to third-party APIs and prints a picture of the intruder.

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Cloud Robotics

If you’re a developer interested in robots, you may have heard the news—we’re experiencing a “moment” in cloud robotics services. In under four months (late September 2018 to early January 2019), four technology titans stepped forward to stake major claims in this space. This. Is. Not. An. Accident. Cloud-based services—from environment navigation to computer vision to fleet management—have the potential

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Misty’s Jobs

The single most-asked question we at Misty Robotics get is: “what can Misty do?” This question comes at us from consumers, developers, investors, and other robot companies. And there are as many answers as perspectives, but the shortest answer is “probably not as much as humanity expects a robot to do.” And that’s just fine. If you think about all

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The Flight Plan Effect

We had to disappoint our backers recently — we let them know that Misty II robots would not be shipping on our crowdfunding target date of December 4th, as planned. This acknowledgment was a clear disappointment for our backers and for us, as it’s a promise broken. Companies lose the opportunity to build trust and relationships every time a promise isn’t kept.

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