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The Flight Plan Effect

We had to disappoint our backers recently — we let them know that Misty II robots would not be shipping on our crowdfunding target date of December 4th, as planned. This acknowledgment was a clear disappointment for our backers and for us, as it’s a promise broken. Companies lose the opportunity to build trust and relationships every time a promise isn’t kept.

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Robot Development Platforms

New industrial, personal, enterprise, and toy robots are being announced pretty much daily. If you’re a developer looking to start coding for our shiny friends, it’s a lot to take in. You may find yourself digging through search results for entirely unfamiliar software stacks and wondering how to tell the signal from the noise. There are no simple answers, but

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Who Will Win the Robot “Arms” Race?

If we’re ever going to have robots in every home and office, they’re going to have to touch/move/carry things, some of which are going to be delicate/heavy/awkward. That’s a challenge. Our handy human arms and hands have had a bazillion years to evolve and are available as built-in components (no extra charge). Robots don’t have it so easy. For personal

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Watch Those Toes!

It may seem surprising, but something as low-level as a communication protocol can have extremely high-level effects. With the right protocol for the environment, data is transmitted accurately and in a timely fashion. And in the case of you and your robot, you can interact in a way that feels natural and rewarding. With the wrong protocol, you and your

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When Developers Are Parents

So, once upon a time, there was a robot, a huge conference in the great Wisconsin outdoors, more than 1100 professional developers, and over 300 kids. Welcome to THAT Conference. As described on the conference website, THAT Conference is: SUMMER CAMP FOR GEEKS™ Can you say “CamelCase”? Friendly fauna were frequent and family-appropriate visitors. Photo credits: THAT Conference (Instagram) With over

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