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Misty II is here

Misty II Is Now Available!

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of Misty II! This means your code is no longer confined to a screen — It’s now in 3D. We’re ready for new developers to join our backers in building for Misty II. Since we started shipping to our crowdfunding backers in early September, I’ve been amazed at what people have already started to

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Misty’s Capacitive Touch Sensors

Misty has more than 25 sensors, six of which are capacitive touch sensors. Adam Citarella, Misty Robotics’ Senior Software Engineer, describes them as “the least specific intended use” sensors but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. We spoke to Adam about what capacitive touch sensors are, why Misty has them, how they can be leveraged in Misty skills, and how

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Misty looking up at CP

Misty Hears You… So What Comes Next?

The human brain uses several cues for sound localization including the intensity (loudness), timing, and the frequency of noise. Due to the need to detect and react timely to threats, humans have become quite good at locating the source of sound — within two degrees of space, in fact! For the hearing enabled, it’s the reason you can tell whether a

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Skill Spotlight: The Misty Conversation Skill

As more Misty’s are released into the wild, the Misty Team is excited to see the skills that developers build. Today, we’re talking Cameron Henneke, a developer from the Boulder area, about the Misty Conversation Skill he recently built and shared in the Community Forum.  Cameron, welcome to the Misty blog! Before we dive into your skill, can you tell

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Mistys Arduino Backpack

Expanding Upon Misty’s Native Capabilities

To successfully bring your code off the screen and into a 3D space, Misty must be able to communicate with her environment in many ways. While Misty is already packed with sophisticated technology — including 25 sensors — your use cases may call for additional sensors. Today, we’re covering several ways you can add to Misty’s native capabilities by using

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Bringing Dense 3D Mapping to Misty

As we continue to deliver robots to backers and people begin building skills for Misty, it’s important to us that you remain informed about the state of the art (technology) and the state of the product (Misty II).  One of the capabilities we are working towards for Misty II, is the ability to autonomously move about an environment, avoiding obstacles

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