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Misty’s Backpack 101

Picking up from our post “Exercising Misty’s Extensibility” – which featured Misty, Nibble the dog, a soccer ball, a Pixy2, and Misty’s (Arduino-Compatible) Backpack – this post provides further insights on the backpack feature from CP, Misty’s Prototype Engineer and the developer, who built Misty’s Follow Ball skill. What is the Misty Backpack, and what’s its value to developers? CP:

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Misty Hand RoboWeek

National Robotics Week 2019

In case you missed it, it’s National Robotics Week! For the tenth year in a row, more than 300 STEM-related events are taking place across the country, providing opportunities for students of all ages to engage in robotics-based activities. Whether panel discussions, introductory robotics courses for kids, robotics competitions, robot demonstrations, tours of innovative labs, or science fairs, every state

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Screen Shot at PM

Exercising Misty’s Extensibility

Misty knows the importance of playing as hard as you work. That’s why she’s willing to risk a few grass stains in her Follow Ball skill. In this skill, Misty employs the object recognition capabilities of a Pixy2 vision sensor to chase a soccer ball as it moves around the room. Here’s a high-level overview of how it works: •

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Misty prints a mugshot of your intruder

Taking Pictures

Welcome back! In Part 1 of Misty as a security guard, we learned how Misty uses facial recognition to detect unknown people in your space. Part 2 focused on Misty’s use of web services to communicate with IoT devices. So what’s left? In Part 3, we learn how security guard Misty photographs intruders and transforms their portraits with a Raspberry

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Misty sends an SMS to warn of an intruder

Sending External Requests

Welcome back! In Part 1, we: • looked at the three main capabilities Misty uses in her security guard skill• explored the tech behind Misty’s face recognition capabilities• learned how to code Misty to use face recognition in general and in her security guard skill So what’s next? In Part 2 of Misty as a security guard, we learn how Misty

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In the security guard skill, Misty sounds the alarm when she sees an intruder in the room.

Working with Face Recognition

Misty’s got a new job: security guard. Misty loves to be helpful, and this job combines a few of her different capabilities into a single working skill. When the skill runs, Misty activates face recognition and scans the environment for strangers. If Misty sees an unknown face, she calls out to third-party APIs and prints a picture of the intruder.

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