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Misty Robotics announces the Misty I Developer Edition Prototype Robot and Platform to Enable a Community of Co-creators

Misty I Developer Edition Robots will be available to select individuals who will help build the first affordable, easily programmable, advanced personal robot for the home and office Las Vegas, NV – January 11, 2018 – Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Misty Robotics, the personal robot company spun out from Sphero, the creators of the best-selling BB-8 toy robot,

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misty i

The Misty I Developer Edition

Today marks a really exciting day for myself and the entire team here at Misty Robotics. Today we’re revealing our first product — the Misty I Developer Edition! In May of 2017, when we first formed Misty Robotics, we asked visitors to our website one question: TRUE OR FALSE? Robots will become our friends, co-workers, and a part of our families. They will

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10 year plan

10 Year Plan

March 25th, 2017 I’m sitting on the 22nd floor of a 5th Avenue financial building looking out over toward the Chrysler Building and beyond to the Hudson River. Next to me is Ian Bernstein, Sphero’s founder and progenitor of the advanced robot team at Sphero. Across the table, silhouetted in the window frame, is one of my favorite investors that I’ve grown to

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building imperfect beast

Building the Imperfect Beast

I’ve lost track of how many trips to China I’ve taken over the years, but I know so far this year I’ve been three times. The routine here is simple. Wake up early to catch people in the US before they leave the office. At 8:30am take a car to head to the factory. Spend an hour to sift through emails

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