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Why the Robot Industry Is So Focused on Single-task Robots

Conventional industry wisdom these days is “robots must be purpose-built for the task they’re supposed to perform”. Single-task robots abound, from strawberry pickers to box movers. There is good logic in this. Many tasks performable by robots can be highly optimized for tight parameters: specific grasping and manipulating abilities (a consistently deft and lightweight touch for strawberries, compared with non-discerning grabs for moving

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Robots, Jobs, and Productivity: The Future of the Workplace

Back in the ’80s, economists were struggling to understand why — despite all those amazing new personal computers — productivity was stagnant at best. Computers certainly seemed to be incredible efficiency machines, but there was nothing measurable to show for it. The funny thing was, it just took a while. In the 1990s, productivity percentages in the IT industry began to rise. There are a

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Why China Is So Relevant to a US-based Robot Startup

This post was inspired by Professor Vijay Kumar’s (a Misty Robotics’ favorite!) recent tweet about IQ Motion: The experiences of IQ Motion are not uncommon to hardware startups, especially robot startups. Drawn to China by the HAX Accelerator (another Misty Robotics’ favorite!), the founders of IQ Motion observed the same aspects of China that we’ve discovered over our past projects at Revolv and Sphero:

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We All Want to Be Part of Something Great

I learned a long time ago that culture comes first in a business. When it works, it is apparent to employees and customers alike, and when it doesn’t, it is painful for everyone. Organizational culture can provide inspiration or drudgery; it can build character or cause insecurity; it can serve its employees or take from them; and it can carry

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Why General AI and Robots Won’t Take Over Any Time Soon

This Helen Greiner tweet on Tuesday in response to Elon Musk Blasts Harvard’s Steven Pinker Over Comments Dismissing the Threat of Artificial Intelligence… Author “forgets” that General AI does not exist yet and we do not yet know how it will be accomplished. #MagicStep Elon Musk Blasts Harvard’s Steven Pinker Over Comments Dismissing the Threat of Artificial Intelligence https://t.co/eQShLBcHMT — Helen Greiner (@helengreiner)

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