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Misty Robotics Announces the New Misty II Personal Robot

Company is offering the Misty II at a 50% discount with a 30-day crowdfunding campaign New Orleans – May 2, 2018 – Today at the Collision Conference, Misty Robotics, the personal robot company spun out from Sphero, the creators of the best-selling BB-8™ toy robot, announced its newest personal robot, the Misty II, and the launch of a limited-time 30-day

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Misty II — A Powerful and Refined Robot

It feels like every day is an exciting day at Misty, however, today is one of those few exceptionally exciting days! Today we launch a 30 day crowdfunding campaign for our new robot, the Misty II. The Misty II incorporates all of the learnings we’ve been collecting from the Misty I Developer Edition that started shipping earlier this year and puts them into

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The Misty II Launches Today

Almost four months ago at CES we announced the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot, our first step toward our long-term journey of turning robots into our friends, coworkers, and household members. That journey began with a hand-built, fragile robot intended for the most avid software developers and makers. These pioneers got access to early software and iterating hardware. Since then we’ve

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Robots and Cats: Blurred Lines & Furred Encounters

At Misty Robotics, we believe that robots are the future and that everyone will eventually have robots of their own. Robots are becoming more accessible, affordable, and their integration in our human world is increasing daily. But we humans are not the only beings on this planet who robots have to contend with. It’s time to warn robots about… cats.

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The Future Depends on Developers & Makers — Misty in Miami

It’s safe to say that — if you’re crazy enough to build a consumer robot from the ground up — you’ve got making in your DNA. That’s us at Misty Robotics, and last month we finally got to show off that robot at an actual Maker Faire. You never know who you’ll find at a Maker Faire… It’s incredibly energizing to take Misty out into

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Cobots For Everyone!

Augment, Not Replace: Tomorrow’s Robots Will Work Alongside Humans For the most part, whenever robots are a topic of discussion, people immediately think of vast industrial warehouses, empty of humans but filled with robots churning out products. But robots displacing humans is not the story that the future of robotics is telling. In fact, it may be the opposite. On a

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