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Augment, Not Replace: Tomorrow’s Robots Will Work Alongside Humans For the most part, whenever robots are a topic of discussion, people immediately think of vast industrial warehouses, empty of humans but filled with robots churning out products. But robots displacing humans is not the story that the future of robotics is telling. In fact, it may be the opposite. On a

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assembly line

What the Innovator’s Dilemma Has to Say About Robots and AI

As the CEO of a U.S.-based startup that intends to be the Apple of personal robots, I spend a lot of time thinking about business basics: Resources. Competition. But while reading about the challenges facing the world’s most valuable company, I’ve added another factor into the mix: Empires. They rise, they fall, and rarely do they get back up again. For

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The Top Challenges Facing Robotics

It’s pretty clear that both home and industry use of robots is accelerating. “Robot density”, measured as the ratio of individual robots per 10,000 human employees, is rising at an annual rate of 5% to 9%, according to the International Federation of Robotics. Yet both industrial and personal robots have a looong way to go before we really see the

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just win

Why “Just Win Baby!” is One of the Two Primary Pillars of Great Leadership

Al Davis, deceased owner of the Oakland Raiders, is known for his iconic quote — “Just Win Baby!” — said to Brent Musburger after winning the Super Bowl. It’s become a mantra for generations of sports fans. On the other side of the Super Bowl joy scale, a month or so after losing their brutally lopsided championship game to the Seattle Seahawks, John Elway

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can e bus

CAN-E-BUS: A DRAW-Based Protocol for THC/IP

Introduction The CAN-E-BUS (pronounced /ˈkænəbɪs/) — Controller Area Network Extended BUS was developed by a joint effort of Misty Robotics’ Pipeline Hardware and Eco Software Engineering departments as a token ring message broadcast system that provides high uptimes while addressing the high latency and low throughput of the traditional CAN bus. Overview Unlike traditional networks such as USB or Ethernet, CAN-E-BUS doesn’t send

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The Increasing Need for a Chief Robotics Officer

That’s the prediction made just last year by the advisory research firm Gartner, Inc. Ten percent. And we’re only at the beginning of merging robots into our workforce. It may be time to point our kids at a new career path. But first, what even is a Chief Robotics Officer? Let’s step back a little… In 1954, the first industrial robot made its appearance. Capable

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