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Are You a Developer With a Great Idea? It’s Time to Put a Robot On It

We’re excited to be growing a community of creative, entrepreneurial developers at Misty Robotics. That’s because Misty is designed first and foremost as a development platform. Yes, Misty robots can do amazing, professional-grade things out of the box (and I’ll go through them below). But Misty’s magic is that she’s not just an advanced, hardware-extensible robot, she’s also a dedicated, feature-full software platform.

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A Robot on Film: Helping Misty Hit (and Make) Her Mark

Misty: Where Are The Robots? I’ve known Ian Bernstein since my days as a mentor at the Disney Accelerator. The friendships I formed with Ian, his co-founder Adam Wilson, and CEO Paul Berberian eventually led to a stint in Boulder, CO helping to develop and launch the groundbreaking Sphero BB-8. It was during those early days when I began to

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What Big & Small Business Developers Need: A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Experiment with Robots

We’ve heard the pent-up demand from enterprises that want to start exploring how robots fit into their business, while having almost no viable options for experimentation: We’ve had energy companies tell us how they’d love to have robots onsite to regularly inspect indoor pumping stations for leaks and other maintenance items — especially when they’re in the middle of the wilderness. There are the folks

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robothon 1

Meeting Misty — Robothon #2

If you build robots, there are few cooler things than giving a robot to someone who’s never worked with one before and seeing what they do. Part of our mission at Misty is to bring people together as a community of collaborators. At this past weekend’s event, we had people whose backgrounds ranged from embedded hardware engineering to cryptocurrency to

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Robots As a Platform — Are You Ready?

Allow me to recap the last 40 years of personal software history: Desktop > Web > Mobile > IoT > Voice Assistants Now it’s time for the next step. Robots are about to become a platform worthy of every developer’s time. After all, every single thing that a phone, desktop, or voice assistant can do, a robot can do. (And

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