National Robotics Week 2019

Misty Hand RoboWeek
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In case you missed it, it’s National Robotics Week!

For the tenth year in a row, more than 300 STEM-related events are taking place across the country, providing opportunities for students of all ages to engage in robotics-based activities. Whether panel discussions, introductory robotics courses for kids, robotics competitions, robot demonstrations, tours of innovative labs, or science fairs, every state is hosting at least one registered event. There is still time to participate; you can check out the opportunities and get tips for hosting your own event here:

It doesn’t take an expert to know that events like these are great for the robot community so we didn’t think twice when we were asked to speak about the importance of giving people hands-on experiences with robots. We also shared our predictions for the next ten years and how parents, educators, and business leaders can help foster students’ (of all ages) interest in robotics.

In addition to participating in the video, Misty also made the annual collectible trading card deck which you can download – for free –  here!

We’re psyched that so many are discovering a love for robots this week. Share your thoughts on the National Robotics Week video with the rest of the community and learn more about how to get involved at

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