Misty Robotics Launches the Misty Solution Hub

Boulder, CO — April 28, 2020 — Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty II platform robot, today announced the launch of the Misty Solution Hub.  The Solution Hub is the central connection point between partners offering skills and development services with organizations and people looking to put Misty II to work in useful assignments in businesses, schools and homes.   

The Misty Solution Hub enables partners who have built skills for Misty II and/or offer services for building skills to share their offerings.  It’s a resource for those who see a role for Misty II but don’t have the developers or time to build or who prefer to run with pre-built skills.  Misty Robotics does not charge or share in the revenue driven by participation in the Solution Hub.  Its goals are connecting people, accelerating the opportunity to put robots to work, and inspiring others as they explore the potential of robots and Misty II. 

“We are excited to see the useful assignments our partners and community have for Misty II, and it is spanning a wide range of use cases from eldercare in-home companions to front office receptionists to therapy assistants with autistic children to COVID-19 health check monitors and more ,” said Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics.  “At Misty Robotics we see developers, partners and the organizations they serve as the key to accomplishing our vision of a robot in every business, home, and school.”

The first Misty Solution Hub members include:

Skills Partners

  • Fine Art Miracles, Inc.
  • Group Salto
  • Movia Robotics, Inc.
  • R4 Robotics
  • RoboSolucio, LLC.
  • Unicast Robotics, Inc.

Services Partners

  • Fresh Consulting, LLC
  • SolderWorks
  • Tectonic Group International
  • Valuescape

Misty Robotics’ platform robot approach is working to open up new opportunities for robots by taking down the barriers normally associated with the robotics space – cost to build a robot and knowledge of robotic-specific development languages.  Using Misty II’s SDKs, documentation and sample code, developers and their organizations can easily introduce new skills (robot applications) to the market.  For those wanting to offer skills or services through the Misty Solution Hub, the Company has a simple application process.  For more information, see https://www.mistyrobotics.com/products/solutions-hub/  for the Solutions Hub page. 


About Misty Robotics:
Misty Robotics is the company behind Misty, a robot platform purpose-built for developers. Misty is focused on enabling developers to build apps for its robots that offer value and utility for businesses and at home. Misty Robotics is a spin-out of connected toy company, Sphero. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company is financially backed by Venrock, Foundry Group and others. Press Contact:
Lynda Smith

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