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Misty Robotics Launches New Open-Source Application Template Initiative

We have a new open-source initiative to share – Misty II Application Templates. It’s all about making it faster and easier to build skills, and is geared to tapping the creativity of the community. Misty Robotics will seed the initiative with templates geared to skills that have broad applicability. The first template out the door enables developers and the businesses they work for to put Misty to work as a concierge. More on that in a few.

Each template consists of the code for the skill along with an implementation guide. You can think of this as sample code on steroids. We will also have a recorded workshop on the skill as well as discussion in our community forum. From an open-source perspective, we will look to the community to participate in extending the utility of the templates as well as helping to maintain them and support fellow developers in their use.

We chose Misty as a concierge as our starting point because just about everyone can use it whether in business or in personal life. There is a whole list of skills one could imagine for this use case. The skill we are starting with is information sharing.  This leverages Misty’s ability to detect humans in her presence, localize to their location, greet them and let them know how she can help and provide responses to their questions leveraging integration to your choice of third-party database. And she conveys personality during the interaction. Developers can introduce complementary skills to this like reservation and order taking, integrating with a point of sale system, or calling for a human, integrating with communication API’s like Twilio’s. 

Misty as a Concierge has practical application in a wide range of settings, including:

Hospitality – Hotels (in room and lobby), Luxury Suites in Entertainment Venues
Eldercare – Facilities (in room, lobby, central gathering rooms), Individual Homes
• Retail – Front Desk, Non-staffed locations e.g. printing desk, Floor Displays e.g. a new car showroom, instore display
Commercial Real Estate – Front Lobby, Meeting Rooms, Visitor Centers
• Healthcare – Hospitals (in room and lobby), Dr. Offices
• Education – School lobby, Front offices
• Museums – Front lobby, Specialized installations
• Marketing – Events and activations
• Misty II, the first professional platform robot

We are focused on opening up access to robots and taking down barriers. This new initiative is right in line with this as well as our mission to see robots do useful things be that in business, school, or home.  

So, check out the code and our guide. We can’t wait to see how you put Misty to work as a concierge.

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