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Introducing the Misty .NET SDK [Beta]

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since we officially launched and no one around here has slowed down. One reason is that we’ve been working hard to deliver today’s announcement: we’re releasing the Misty .NET SDK for C#

The Misty .NET SDK [Beta]

In the past, I’ve shared some of the decision-making that went into the Misty SDK. For example: the tools we knew we wanted to give developers straight out of the gate (like the visually-helpful Command Center), the reason we started with JavaScript (it’s reach and breadth), and our selection of Microsoft as our technology partner for both the building of Misty and her tools. 

Because we’re running Windows 10 IoT Core on Misty, using our C# SDK will enable you to take advantage of a lot of the stuff that requires a native Windows environment. This will make your skills run a lot faster and give you more ability to add different libraries. Our .NET SDK was, after all, developed with the intention of enabling you to build sophisticated and mission-critical skills that take full advantage of Misty II as a platform. 

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From a hardware perspective, that means you now have low-level access to sensor data, commands, debugging and hardware resources and, functionally-speaking, it opens up the ability to use Misty II’s USB port. And from a software perspective, it means the skills you create can now be built with native multithreading. You’ll be able to use robust, feature-rich tools like Visual Studio to build, debug, test, deploy and package your skills and there’s also now an extensive ecosystem of .NET libraries and sample code.

In short, the .NET SDK gives you the ability to build robot skills using the same tools that we’ve used to build the robot and with the same level of access. Soon, we’ll begin sharing skills that Misty engineers recently built using the .NET SDK so you can see some of the functionalities you’ll be able to leverage now, too. Until then, get in there and explore for yourself and tell us what you think!

Things to note about the Misty .NET SDK

• There is documentation available. 

• It works in a Windows environment but it has the ability to work with Boot Camp for Mac.

• It is integrated with the Misty Skill Runner.

• Currently, the .NET SDK supports C# but there may be more languages coming based on customer demand. 

• The .NET SDK is beta (so, don’t depend on it to be stable). It will evolve and change and we want your feedback to affect that evolution.

My goal with Misty Robotics is to take down existing barriers to entry into robotics. With this release, we’re taking another step towards making that a reality. The .NET SDK release, in particular, opens up robot platform development to individuals and organizations that already have deep expertise in building line of business (LOB) vital to running enterprise business. The more developers we have building skills for personal, service, healthcare, education, retail, entertainment or other creative use cases you come up with, the further we’re going to go in platform robot development and the faster we’re going to get there. 

Let me know what you think — I’m on Twitter @arobodude, the team is @MistyRobotics, and we’re all in the Community Forum along with a community of developers who have already gotten started. Let’s build.

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