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Looking Past the Unicorn Hunt

It sounds like such a simple premise: “just build the killer app for robots and you’ll sell a zillion”, but it doesn’t work like that. If I had a dime for every time an investor has said to me over the past 12 months, “you need to build the killer app for your Misty robot […]

For Cutting-edge Developers, It’s 1976 All Over Again

The most visionary programmers today dream of what a robot could do, just like their counterparts in 1976 dreamed of what personal computers could do. In 1976, if you had a creative idea for software or dreamed of writing your own computer programs to earn money, you were screwed. Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie working […]

Why “Just Win Baby!” is One of the Two Primary Pillars of Great Leadership

Al Davis, deceased owner of the Oakland Raiders, is known for his iconic quote — “Just Win Baby!” — said to Brent Musburger after winning the Super Bowl. It’s become a mantra for generations of sports fans. On the other side of the Super Bowl joy scale, a month or so after losing their brutally lopsided championship game to […]

The Increasing Need for a Chief Robotics Officer

That’s the prediction made just last year by the advisory research firm Gartner, Inc. Ten percent. And we’re only at the beginning of merging robots into our workforce. It may be time to point our kids at a new career path. But first, what even is a Chief Robotics Officer? Let’s step back a little… In 1954, the first […]

Why China Is So Relevant to a US-based Robot Startup

This post was inspired by Professor Vijay Kumar’s (a Misty Robotics’ favorite!) recent tweet about IQ Motion. The experiences of IQ Motion are not uncommon to hardware startups, especially robot startups. Drawn to China by the HAX Accelerator (another Misty Robotics’ favorite!), the founders of IQ Motion observed the same aspects of China that we’ve discovered over our past […]